Saturday, September 8, 2012

Fr. Ramon Andreu's Notes: Part Two, Post 40

The next day, she gave reading of the following message: “The message that the Most Holy Virgin has given to the world through the intercession of St. Michael. The Angel has said that since it has not been fulfilled and the world does not know my message from October 18th, I will say that this is the last one. Before the cup was filling up, but now it is overflowing. Many priests are on the road to perdition and they bring many more souls with them. The Eucharist is given less and less importance. We should avoid God’s anger with all of our efforts. If you ask for forgiveness with sincerity in your souls, He will pardon you. I, your Mother, through the intercession of St. Michael, want to tell you to amend your lives. You are already in the last warnings, and I love you very much, and I don’t want your condemnation. Pray sincerely, and we will give you what you ask for. Make more sacrifices. Meditate on the Passion of Jesus.”

The first particular of this message is that it is dictated by the Angel St. Michael, who is less important than the Mother of Heaven, a fact that speaks in favor of the authenticity because it is contrary to the crescendo typical of false apparitions.

He complains that we have not completed nor made known the first message. Of course, before such a serious lack of attention and faith to a message of salvation that has not been fixed by an easy remedy, although she does not want our condemnation, there is no other option but to announce that the time of mercy is over and that the “cup is overflowing.” Nevertheless, there is a last chance of salvation for the believers, and that is to follow the message that has been announced, which will be the last before a great test in which humanity will suffer.

She denounces the bad path that many priests follow, and the truth that they do not need demonstration.

She reaffirms the necessity of completing the first message when she says that the Eucharist is given less and less importance each day.

On the path, the sword of the anger of God will separate each of us, since it looms over our heads. We must attain this with our efforts; each of us should do the penance necessary to take the punishment from our heads, since if we ask for pardon sincerely we will obtain it.

Our Mother in Heaven solemnly warns us that she does not want our condemnation, that she loves us a lot, and that we should yield, because we’re in the last warnings and we should make all efforts of amends, in which case we should ask for all types of grace to be granted to us.

And finally, the motive that should move our will to sacrifice: we have to meditate on the Passion of Her Divine Son Jesus.