Saturday, September 15, 2012

Fr. Ramon Andreu's Notes: Part Two, Post 42

This note is good in its judgment of the events. This information was at the root of the Second Message. It expressly makes evident that all of the doctrine and recommendations are effective in this occasion and that they are fully orthodox.

It affirms all of this in the same circumstances as at the beginning when the first Note said that it could not affirm supernatural origins. It did not say that “it lacks all signs of supernatural origin.”

It adds that the file has not been closed and that it will admit all elements of judgment that are possible to the Bishop and the Commission. This is the most to consider, if we have in mind that this last Message affirms that everything has ended in Garabandal, then there will not be new messages. We ask what we can wait for as elements of judgment. It is clear that the Bishop’s mind had a certain conviction of the supernatural origin, but that he wanted to wait for more facts to better illuminate the matter.

Until that date, through the ample documentation collected, it is supposed that nothing important had escaped the analysis of the Commission because of the virtue of the affirmations in the second Message. The Commission could give a definitive judgment, and in the mind of the Bishop, the criteria were purely natural.

The reality is that this judgment, combined with the effect of this Note, affirms, whether true or not, the supernatural origin. Everything said and recommended was orthodox, the same things that heaven would say. With apparitions or without them, with games or without them, the truth is that the girls’ inspiration was the Divine Spirit, as we recognize him. We cannot do anything good without his inspiration.

This constancy that is inserted in the Note is the clear and definitive acceptance of the doctrine and recommendations of the Messages by the Church of Santander. No one can oppose its diffusion, which in reality is the only thing that is important and transcendent.

Henceforth, the only thing left is to elucidate whether the apparitions are true or not. The part in which these correspond with the doctrine and recommendations is perfectly clear and defined so that they belong to the traditional doctrine of the Church. Nothing new is known, although when everything will be known is an actual surprise.

That there were apparitions and spiritual communications as the beginning of these messages and recommendations are also gathered in the Note that recognizes their existence.

Regarding what will come of them, what will be their fruits; the doctrine and recommendations conform to the doctrine of the Church, which can only be celestial inspiration, which is the same as saying supernatural nature. It is the fruit of a special game of children, as the direct inspiration of what is supernatural. This supernatural nature, if it is proven, is the only thing that affects the facts of the said apparitions. If they cannot be proven, they cannot confirm the supernatural nature of the Messages and recommendations that the girls have given.

With this approval, and following the cautions placed by the Bishopric, we can extend the doctrine and recommendations, sufficient elements to develop the spiritual movement of the messages.

Regarding the rest, we continue to proclaim the cautions of the moment to wait and see what we find about this matter, emphasizing the previous notes so that the created atmosphere will not increase, nor will the fans of the marvels because it is possible to induce error to those who are little prepared. Note that to conform to our deductions, nothing is prohibited with regard to the messages and their doctrine.

The prohibition on the priests that they must ask permission is extreme, but on the other hand, we must always concede.

Finally, it is announced that the Holy Office is interested in the matter and is asking for information. Before it was necessary to explain this new factor, but now they have it within the matter and there are Conchita’s predictions, the warning and the miracle, which have fixed dates.