Monday, December 29, 2008


To be read as though the Warning had just come . . .

The Warning shows us our sins. It was predicted as a "correction of the conscience of the world." The scriptures foretold long ago that Jesus would send the Holy Spirit to "convict the world of sin." If we did not fully understand before what that meant, we do now, by the power of The Warning. Sin, our resistance to becoming the loving kind of person God is, results in many unloving deeds, decisions and attitudes. These were all vividly clear in the brilliant light God shone in our souls. Our consciences were thoroughly illuminated at that moment, exposing all the self-deception we are so clever at, pulling out the dead memories that have never been leavened with love, uncovering the lies we told ourselves, the compromises we made. We saw so blatantly the many harsh, stubborn, and unkind decisions we have made, the times we cruelly trod on the feelings of other people, coveted their possessions, envied their good fortune and rejoiced at their failures. Then we groaned with anguish when God revealed to us the neglect, the
refusal to help, the undone deeds and the unfulfilled plans. We have heard Him say to us, "Why have you persecuted Me?"

[To be continued . . .]