Saturday, December 27, 2008


To be read as though the Warning had just come . . .

The Warning was like the conversion of Saint Paul the Apostle, who was penetrated by the same light we have recently endured. He was on the Damascus road, journeying to that town to persecute the newly converted Christian Jews who lived there. In a glorious vision it was revealed to him that he was assailing not only the members of the Church, but Jesus Himself, the very Lord of heaven and earth! The blinding light of the Risen Christ convicted him of sin. Paul heeded the warning Jesus had given him; he repented and became his faithful follower, and left his former life behind.

Has not the same enlightenment been accorded to us all in The Warning? The grace once granted to an individual has finally penetrated every human heart in a single, sudden burst of divine light. We have felt the same grace, the same light that Paul did. God would have the whole world respond just as Paul did. We must now repent of the sin the Lord has shown us in ourselves by The Warning, and amend our lives, following Jesus.
[to be continued . . .]