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Map of Spain showing the population densities ...Image via WikipediaTo be read as though the Warning had just come:

A short time ago, abruptly, all on earth felt the intervening of God. To each one of us He unveiled the innermost secrets of our heart. His inexorable light seared our consciences and showed us to ourselves as in a flawless mirror. The truth was vivid in our minds. We saw the awful blight of our sinfulness, the excruciating pain of it, and knew in an instant what our eternity would be because of it. The Lord's mercy scoured away all pretension.
By His merciful intrusion, we knew ourselves --- oh, how we knew ourselves, in His
light. We felt the Warning.

Over twenty years ago, it had been predicted by the Mother of God, who communicated
her message to us through four young girls from the mountain village of Garabandal, Spain, remote and rude, rocky and high among the clouds. The message was plain as well, and not really new in content. For she had been repeating it generation upon generation as she visited one place after another for what is now a span of one hundred and fifty years. Yet at this moment she had spoken it with special urgency. Time was running out. These would be the "last warnings" the world would receive. People would have to change their lives and stop offending God, or else they would suffer the most terrible consequences.

The four children who saw her were informed of great events that would overwhelm the
world. These occurrences were to happen, by God's great mercy, so that the whole world would be converted. They would bring about the conversion of humanity. But unless we heard the message and changed soon, this would happen only after great suffering. She told them of "The Warning", a "correction of the conscience of the world", which all would experience as a kind of disaster in their lives, but none of them would die of it, except perhaps from the shock of it.

She also spoke to them of a "Great Miracle" to be
worked by the Lord at Garabandal so that we all might come to believe, but she would not permit the disclosure of the exact time this would happen (although one of the girls knows the date and must announce it eight days before it happens). Lastly she revealed to them "The Punishment", which would descend upon us "directly from God", if people did not repent in time to avert it.

The Punishment must be avoided. Because the Lord wants to protect us from it, He
gives us The Warning and The Miracle. They are meant to help us respond to the message of Mary so that we can avoid The Punishment entirely. We must understand what to do to be saved, and then we must do it. Our fate hangs in the balance. There will be peace; Our Lady of Fatima has promised that it will inevitably arrive. What we do between now and that "Era of Peace" will determine whether or not The Punishment will first have to be undergone.

But for now, we know that The Warning has pierced our hearts. We have known it with
greater clarity than anything else has ever been known. We must heed it, and look again at the repeated messages and warnings of the Mother of God. Looking again and more deeply is the burden of this book. We will recall and reflect upon what she said over the long years of our forebears, consider the present situation, and open up to her promises.

There is danger, greater danger than humankind has ever faced before, but there is also
hope. She asserted, "There will be peace." "In the end My Immaculate Heart will triumph; the Holy Father will consecrate Russia to me. Russia will be converted, and an Era of Peace will be given to the world."

This book will attempt to answer many of the questions in your mind since you felt THE
WARNING. What was the Warning? Is a miracle coming too? Why has the whole world been involved in such a powerful, direct way? Is it the end of the world? Read and be instructed. All the material presented has been around for twenty years, but we have not heard it, or been prevented from hearing it. God has broken through the darkness. Read now. It is time.
[To be continued]
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