Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Fr. Ramon Andreu's Notes: Part Three, Post 25

Telephone Conversation with the Fr. Rector, Arana

August 31, 1961

1st—The visions continue.

2nd—They had Conchita locked in her house for three days and yesterday they let her leave. She went directly to the Church. It was locked. She was in ecstasy for a while. Conchita said that she would have another vision that night.

At Sunset: Conchita left and her brothers accompanied her to defend her. She went toward the Church and had an ecstasy in the road. This was around 11 at night. Upon arriving at the door she fell to her knees, then fell on the ground and sat up. After she sat, she went within 15 meters of the Church. Her dress didn’t move, and always stayed to her knee, and she didn’t get dirty with dust, and afterwards she returned to the same posture and to the place where she had begun.

During this time you could see the whites of her eyes.

During Conchita’s vision, Loli and Jacinta were in her house.

3rd—Jacinta and Loli were in Jacinta’s grandmother’s house. They let the Marquis of Santa María and a sick woman who’d had 12 operations come up. The girls prayed for the sick woman and they gave her the crucifix and the rosary to kiss; they returned it in a state of ecstasy. The sick woman almost fainted.

4th—The Virgin has advised Lolita to lengthen her dress a little.

5th—Many people went and many were impressed.

6th—The people who went, in general, were very devoted. They finished the hosts in the village and the pastor asked us to send for an urgent shipment of hosts.