Monday, March 10, 2008

Fr. Ramon Andreu's Notes: Part Three, Post 17

Knowledge of people

In the different cases I have given news on, I put in continuation one that I have witnessed myself.

1st—On September 4th, at night, my brother arrived in Garabandal. He came from America. When he arrived, two of the girls welcomed us: Jacinta and María Dolores. I told them that my brother had come from America to see them. While we were talking, Conchita came in a state of trance. She entered into Ceferino’s house, came in front of us and blessed herself. She went up to the first floor—while still in a state of trance—and there she responded to the questions the other girls asked her.

“Who has come?”

“Fr. Andreu and one of his brothers.”

“Where has he come from?”

“From Caracas—Where is that?—Oh, there is one here and another there. This one is blond.”

According to the facts we have, Conchita did not know that Fr. Andreu had come from Caracas even though it was possible that he had come from America, nor did she know that he was blond.

When I asked later, she responded that the Virgin had told her.