Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Fr. Ramon Andreu's Notes: Part Three, Post 18

Another type of knowledge

On one occasion the girls knelt in a state of trance and prayed an “Oh, My Jesús” before each person. When they arrived before a boy and a small girl, around 7 years old, they prayed a Salve instead of an “Oh, My Jesus.”

One of the seers blessed a group of people but did not include one of them. This person was sad. The pastor asked the child when she was in the normal state why she had not blessed the person. The girl responded that the Virgin had told her that he was the only person who had not made the sign of the cross in the morning. He proved that this was true by asking the group, and it was.

A good person who had come and was indifferent to what they saw, gave a third person a crucifix so that he could give it to the girls and they could give it to the Vision to kiss. All of this was during the trance. The scene lasted two or three minutes. This third person passed it into the hands of the girl and she gave it to the Vision to kiss. The third person reached out his hand to take the crucifix from the girl, but she made a brisk movement and passed her arm over her shoulders and gave the crucifix to the owner with her back to him. He was visibly emotional.

A woman asked them to ask the Virgin if her husband believed in God. The response was: “Yes, he believes in God. He believes very little in the Virgin, but he will believe.” The husband of this woman was Protestant and lived in Madrid.