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Principal points in the history of Garabandal from 1963 to 1966
Locution on July 20, 1963
On July 20, 1963, Conchita had an impressive locution from Our Lord.
Since Conchita left the Church saying that she had had an interior locution, a priest asked her to relate the circumstances in writing. Then the girl took a piece of paper and a pencil and wrote these lines spontaneously with great ease. We have transcribed them here from the text:
“I was making my thanksgiving and praying for things. He answered me…
I asked Him to give me a Cross since I was living without suffering—except the suffering of not having a Cross. And he answered:
Yes. I will give it to you.
And with much feeling, I went on praying. And I said to Him: Why is the miracle coming? To convert many people? He answered:
To convert the whole world [This sentence confirms what the miracle and the four Messages of Garabandal announced; they have a general and universal character. It is a call that is directed to all of humanity.].
Will Russia be converted?
It also will be converted, and so everyone will love Our Hearts.
Will the chastisement come afterwards?
He did not answer me.
Why do you come to my poor heart, without my meriting it?
I certainly do not come for you; I come for all.
When the Miracle comes, will it be as if I were the only one who had seen the Virgin? [The preoccupation of Conchita before this “Great Miracle” is that of not remaining the only privileged one. It is not that she tries to avoid the responsibility, but she charitably wants her three companions to participate in this grace. This desire has been manifested in several of her conversations with the Vision.].
He answered me:
By your sacrifices, your patience, I will allow you to intercede for the accomplishment of the miracle.
And I said to him:
Wouldn’t it be better for me to be with all the others; or if not, that You don’t use any of us to intercede?
He told me: No.
Will I go to heaven?
And He answered me:
You should love much and pray to Our Hearts.
When will You give me a Cross?
And He didn’t answer me:
What will I be? [This is another of Conchita’s worries—her destiny. That is,to discern the designs God has for her life. For awhile now, she has been questioning whether she has a religious vocation, and she frequently asks the apparition about it, but—according to her own words—the Virgin has never responded in the affirmative.
In the same way, during this locution Our Lord keeps his silence when asked the question “What will I be?” Conchita has always received confirmation of her suffering and of the cross, wherever she is.]
He didn’t answer me. He only told me that everywhere that I would be, I would have much to suffer.
I said to Him:
Am I going to die soon?
And He told me:
You have to stay on earth to help the world. [This seems to be a clear announcement of a “concrete” vocation; it is a call to live in the world and not in a convent].
And I said to Him:
I am very small. I couldn’t help in anything.
And He told me:
With your prayers and sufferings, you will help the world.
When does one go to heaven? When one dies? [This question seems rather childish. Conchita’s lack of education makes some of her questions seem simple, as though they don’t correspond to her age. In contrast, the response is profoundly astonishing.]
He said to me:
One never dies. (I thought that we didn’t go to heaven until we were resurrected). I asked Him if St. Peter was at the gate of heaven to receive us. He told me no.
While I was in this conversation, in this prayer with God, I felt myself out of the world. [This sentence, where Conchita mixes the sublime prayer and conversation, is a precious contribution to the discernment of spirits.].
Jesus also told me that “Now His Heart should be loved.” Concerning priests, He told me that I must pray much: “So that they would be holy and fulfill their duties; so that they would make others better; so that they would make Me known to those who do not know Me, and so that they would make Me loved by those who know Me and do not love Me.” [The theme of priesthood is presented frequently, as one might realize. In the fourth and last Message this allusion is so precise that it is very clear to some people. At any rate, this paragraph contains a summary of the apostolic activities of a priest.]

(Signed): Conchita González