Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Hymn to Our Lady of Garabandal

Dear Lady of Garabandal we heard
Your message of sorrow and fear
We pilgrims have come from across the sea
To answer with penance and tears.
Ave, Ave Maria
A world that is selfish and blind
Beg the sweet mercy and blessings
Of Jesus on all of mankind.
At Garabandal you repeat again
With Motherly love and with pain
The need of our prayers and our sacrifice
If peace in the world is to reign.
Dear Lady of Carmel we promise
To heed every word and obey
And visit the Most Blessed Sacrament
Where Jesus awaits us each day.
By: Rev. John Szantyr
[From Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Hymn and Prayer Book]
God saves me, Jesus enlightens me, the Holy Spirit is my life, thus I fear nothing.