Friday, April 24, 2009


Part of the original text of some of Conchita’s notes.
“I would talk to you the whole day... but I would bore you. In the darkness of this silent night, and looking at the blue sky, I see your creation; the stars, the moon… all of these things that you have made for our good. I feel very united with you when looking at the sky… I want those who don’t know you and who are separated from you to accept my prayers and for you to accept my prayers this night, and also my timid and miserable sacrifices—so that these souls might be nearer to you, Jesus, and to Mary, Mother of the Church, especially for those that don’t know you.”
“Why have you chosen me, knowing what I am, to tell your sorrowful messages? It is a very great grace, and you know, my Jesus, that I realize the responsibility that I have. How will I fulfill it, Jesus? I cannot enter within the message and make them fulfill it, and some people believe that I have invented this! Why do you let this happen? You already know, that it cannot be completed like this, with them doubting. Oh, my Jesus, we meditate on your five wounds so that we can offer sacrifices happily. Forgive us Lord, because we are joined to you…”
“I would like to visit you more. I want to be your little light that calls and lights up for you and grows brighter to give light to souls that want to come where you are. I also want to be the part within the door of the tabernacle so I can be more united with You. I want to be so much, but I am nothing, nothing, nothing. But since I am the daughter of Mary, the Mother of God, I am redeemed with the Blood of Christ Crucified, and because of that I am something.”