Saturday, October 20, 2007


Conchita with Mother Teresa, as her son Patrick looks on.


The famous Foundress of the Missionaries of Charity has never expressed any doubts about her profound belief in the divine origin of Garabandal: "It was in 1970 that I heard about the apparitions of San Sebastian de Garabandal for the first time . . . From the beginning, I felt that the 'events' were authentic . . ." (Letter of November 10, 1987 to Msgr. del Val).

During her frequent trips to the United States, notably to New York, Mother Teresa had the opportunity of meeting Conchita who has lived on Long Island since 1972. This was the beginning of a strong human and spiritual friendship that never faltered. This was also for Mother Teresa the providential means of increasing her "inspired" conviction concerning Garabandal. Discretion and prudence alone prevent us from revealing more about the "faith" of that world-famous woman regarding Garabandal.

A Nobel Prize winner in 1979, Mother Teresa is the godmother of Conchita's third daughter, Anna Maria Josefa, baptized on August 31, 1976. In November 1978, Mother Teresa had already offered Msgr. del Val Gallo to have every priest in the diocese of Santander adopted spiritually by a Sister of her own Congregation. The prelate gratefully accepted such a spiritual 'sponsorship.' Unique, even "inspired" in every way, this proposition was made by Mother Teresa to no other diocese in the world!
[Excerpted from 'Garabandal' Book, page 232]

And of course we all know that Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta was beatified on October 19, 2003 by Pope John Paul II. So we have another Saint associated with Garabandal! And what a Saint she was. She is one of my favorites that I pray daily to. I never met her in person, but look forward to seeing her in Heaven!

Yes, Conchita lives on Long Island and from what I read recently, also has a home in Fatima, Portugal. When we lived in Queens, Conchita's son and daughter went to St. Francis High School at the same time my daughter Elizabeth was there. We formed a parents prayer group and I was fortunate to be able to celebrate an hour of Adoration and Benediction with Conchita and her children present, along with my wife and daughter too. Those are great memories that I will never forget!
Roman Deacon