Friday, October 12, 2007


Blessed Maria Rafols had visions of the Sacred Heart.

Maria Naya is the famous "daughter" of Blessed Maria Rafols (1781-1853), who founded the Congregation of the Sisters of St. Ann at Zaragoza in the mid-nineteenth century.

Among other religious functions, Madre Naya held the so-called delicate one of Mistress of novices. She became famous in Spain for having discovered the writings of the Blessed Foundress, but still more for having been the religious about whom the latter had prophesied who she was and when she would discover her own "Escritos" ("Writings")!

Gifted as well with a charism of prophecy that she exercised with regard to certain Church events, Sister Maria Naya also "used" her gift within the framework of the "events" then occurring at Garabandal.

Thus, for example, and without having been previously informed, she announced the "Milagrucu" to the religious sisters of her Congregation in Madrid, and she did so on the following morning without having received any information whatsoever about it!

Similarly, she made an astonishing prophecy about Fr. Luis Maria Andreu (see July 18, 1964), as well as about the last locution to Mari- Loli (see October 24, 1965).

Madre Maria Naya's keen interest in Garabandal is duly attested to by many other original documents in our possession.
[From 'Garabandal' Book, page 224-225]

God works in mysterious ways beyond our understanding! And he has His saints working and doing His will all over the world. Sometimes we get ourselves boxed in and only look at things that are happening around us, we forget there is a big wide world out there! Most of these saintly people lived in Spain and like me, you probably never heard of them. Well, guess what, they never heard of you either! So, be happy knowing that God is in control and He wins the battle!!! Satan has already been defeated . . . we just have to wait for time to be completed. And I guess one day in Heaven or in the Kingdom of God, we will meet all these people close up and enjoy their life stories . . .
I can't wait to tell mine!!!
Roman Deacon