Sunday, October 21, 2007


Conchita & Mother Teresa

In January 1992, Mother Teresa invited Jacinta to come see her. She was then recovering from a serious illness in her noviciate of Tijuanna (Mexico), only a few hours away from the visionary's home at Pasadena (California, U.S.A.). Jacinta thus made the trip on January 19, 1992, on the eve of the Feast of St. Sebastian. The religious Sister enthusiastically presented her to her community: "Here is Jacinta of Garabandal. Garabandal is authentic!" Then, before everybody, she expressed her keen interest for the works and research done on the "events," even inquiring about the new Bishop, Msgr. Vilaplana. Mother Teresa then asked the visionary to pray for her Institute for, she said, "You have only one house, I have dozens of them to take care of."

The famous Foundress, who had already met Jacinta in New York, recalled with her many of the graces received by the visionary, notably the one of seeing the Sacred Heart, for Whom Mother Teresa had a great devotion. Her death, which occurred on September 5, 1997, just a few weeks after having met for the last time, in New York, with Conchita, was to arouse an immense chorus of praise and true admiration.
[From 'Garabandal' Book, page 233]

Both Conchita and Jacinta married Americans and that's why they live here in the U.S.A. We'll here more about that soon.

I would have loved to have met Mother Teresa. It would have been one of the highlights of my life, next to the time I assisted as Deacon at Pope John Paul II's outdoor Mass in Queens, New York. I was one of the deacons assigned to hold a ciborium as the Holy Father celebrated Mass and consecrated thousands of Hosts. Then I went into the crowds and distributed Holy Communion to the faithful. What a day! Who could forget an event like that!
Roman Deacon