Sunday, June 3, 2007


Conchita offering a pebble to the Child Jesus

To amuse the Child Jesus, the girls, in a spontaneous gesture, offered Him some little pebbles off the road. He did not take them but He really smiled.
The Blessed Virgin kissed these pebbles and asked the visionaries
to distribute them around. Soon the Blessed Virgin would designate precisely the persons to whom they should be given. . .
This "practice," unique in its kind, was established very soon
at Garabandal. Those present would entrust to the visionaries, on Mary's indications, only objects of devotion to be kissed by Her.

The children, their hands full of rosaries and medals, not knowing
whose they were, with their eyes fixed on the vision, always handed them back to the owners.
A very soft scent sometimes emanated from these objects . . . As
to their value, Conchita explained this on September 14, 1965: "The Blessed Virgin said that Jesus would perform miracles through these objects and that those who would wear them with faith and trust would do their Purgatory on earth," thus sparing themselves the purifications they would have to undergo to pass into Heaven.
An important detail: never did the Blessed Virgin at San Sebastian
de Garabandal bless any object or person. This is totally in conformity with the Church's Canon Law that assigns this function to priests [and deacons] only. [Excerpted from 'Garabandal' Book, page 50.]

As a believer in Garabandal, I always wear a "kissed object", which in my case is a tiny piece of a prayer book that was kissed by Holy Mary, and sewn into my Brown Scapular, which I NEVER take off! I have a strong faith in Our Lady's words about serving my Purgatory here on earth and believe me, I really am!!! As for any miracles, I'm a walking one cause Our Lady has turned my life around through my on-going conversion, teaching me, and leading me to Her Son, Jesus,
especially in the Eucharist!

In that last paragraph about blessings, I added "and deacons", but in the early 1960's, the Permanent Diaconate renewal had not even been discussed yet. After Vatican II, when the diaconate was brought back as a part of Holy Orders, the function of blessing people and objects was restored to deacons.

Also, I was just thinking that mothers & fathers can bless their own children, so Our Blessed Mother can certainly bless us! What do you think?
Deacon John