Saturday, June 16, 2007


Fright and stupefaction of Jacinta and Loli


As was promised, the Blessed Virgin, since July 4, was gradually explaining to the children the Message she had revealed to them. This catechesis was absolutely necessary, considering their young age and the small amount of religious knowledge they had. What, indeed, did the words "sacrifice," "penance," mean to them, and how, in practice, were they "to be very good"?

The ecstasies of July 28 and 29, 1961, were to represent a kind of particularly intensive course in which only Jacinta and Mari-Loli took part. For the first time Our Lady showed them "the Cup filling up with the wine of the Wrath of God." She spoke to them of the trials the sins of humanity would eventually cause, in a time we may call "time of the Pre-Warning" (or Pre-Aviso). Mary was also to reveal
to them later, the unique and inescapable event of the future Warning, a stupendous phenomenon and experience called "Aviso," of both cosmic and moral-spiritual (interior) dimensions, that would affect the whole of mankind. We could die from the effect of the emotion aroused by it. It would place us before our conscience thus "scanned" in the light of God revealing to us the evil we had done and of the good we had not done, in our lives. Through its frightening physical dimension and its prodigious divine interior action, we would know that
the Warning really came to us from God, but also that it will still be a "warning of grace and mercy!"

Finally, the Blessed Virgin recalled the final Chastisement of which mankind would be the object . . . should it persist in refusing to amend its ways. The first of the two "Nights of tears" occurred at the cuadro, and the second at the Pines.
Sari and Mari-Carmen, mandated by Our Lady, were the only ones authorized to stay by the visionaries. The crowd, kept at a distance, could see the terrified girls crying . . .
[Excerpted from 'Garabandal' Book, page 71.]

Our Lady is a great teacher! First she gives them the Message, then she teaches them its meaning . . .
The children of Fatima were taught in the same way. They received the "Secret" from Our Lady and then she literally taught them by showing them hell and souls and demons that were down there because of sin. They never forgot this vision and spent their lives (which for Jacinta and Francesco were very short) praying for sinners and offering reparation for sin.

The Warning is coming soon, whether we like it or not. It's not conditional! It will happen when the world is at its worst, when things look hopeless. Look around and see the hand writing on the wall. God will intervene and correct the conscience of the world. Everyone will feel and see the Warning. Everyone will know how they are offending God and their fellow man. Some may die of shock. Those who love God will love Him even more. The world will actually stop, suspended during the Warning. The Warning will prepare the world for the Great Miracle which follows shortly afterward (more about this later).
I've been praying for this event to happen for 35 years. I look forward to it for the salvation of the world.
Roman Catholic Deacon