Monday, September 14, 2015

Santander Has A New Bishop

Pope Francis has nominated Manuel Sanchez Monge (68), as head of the Diocese of Santander replacing Bishop Vicente Jimenez Zamora. 
Here is a translated copy of his acceptance speech:
Manuel Sánchez Monge , elected bishop of Santander) .- Dear diocesan Today, May 6, 2015, Pope Francisco has appointed me bishop of Santander . I express my deep gratitude to the Holy Father for his confidence in my humble person and, at the same time, I express my fraternal adherence and fidelity to the Successor of Peter. I gladly offer my prayer.
To be made ​​public my appointment as the new bishop of the pilgrim Church in Santander and Valle de Mena, I greet cordially you're going to be my new faithful and thank God with you for your faith and your enthusiasm in the work evangelizing.
From the moment I reported the appointment, I have you present in every Eucharist. In ecclesial communion ask the Lord to be with you and for you that you need Pastormodeled on the Good Shepherd, Jesus Christ.
From now the Diocese of Santander is in my heart, and try to serve it with the wisdom that God gives me and always supported in prayer and collaboration of priests, religious and lay people who form part of it.
I assume from now the Diocesan Pastoral Plan for the 2014-2017 triennium entitled: "A diocesan Church in conversion and output" , drawn attention to the pastoral action program designed by Pope Francisco in Evangelii Gaudium and that preferably fixed on four needs, which must give priority attention: family, youth, social dimension of charity and vocational culture.
I entrust to the powerful intercession of the martyrs Emeterio and Celedonio, patron of the diocese and, especially, the Virgin Bien Aparecida, so loved and venerated by you.
Ask the Lord for me and for ministryWith my affection and my blessing,
+ Manuel Sánchez Monge, 
Bishop of Santander

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