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The Pope Emeritus A Garabandal Faithful

The Pope Emeritus A Garabandal Faithful –
The Pope Emeritus A Garabandal Faithful

” Ratzinger has a devotion to the Virgin that is almost as deep as John Paul’s. Ratzinger is an enthusiastic supporter of the theology of Han Urs von Balthazar, who professed that he took much of his theology from his mystical friend Adrienne von Speyer (1902–1967), who was “frequently visited by the Blessed Virgin (whom she had first seen in 1917).” And throughout the 1970s Ratzinger gave regular summer conferences to a group of Marian devotees in the Black Forest who live by the prophecies the Virgin delivered to four children in Garabandal, Spain, from 1961 to 1964″
From “A Tale of Two Cardinals” (2001, Gary wills) Paragraph 2
” In its early days there was a stong undertone of millenarian speculation at the Siewerth Hauss, fueled especially by the Marian Prophecies at Garabandal, from 1961 to 1965, four children in Garabandal, Spain, claim to experience a series of visions of the Virgin Mary in which she spoke of the Great Miracle to come, followed by a warning, and then by a “Great Chastisement” if humanity did not repent. The Garabandal prophecies have subsequently formed the hardest edge of an apocalyptic Marian subculture within Roman Catholicism. One Ratzinger graduate student who visited the hourse during the laste 1960s said the people there “lived like a quasi-religious order” and developed a fascination with these Marian end time scenarios…….Another Ratzinger graduate student said it was rumored while he was at Tubingen that both Ratzinger and von Balthasar took seriously the notion that the world might be ending soon and that preparation should be made, apparently a reflection of the climate of end time speculation at the Siewerth house.
From “A Biography of Joseph Ratzinger” (2000, John Allen, P. 119)
My Comment : As I said already on this blog, Father Joseph Ratzinger, Professor of Theology in Germany who became later Archibishop of Munich, Cardinal, Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, Dean of the College of Cardinals, Pope Benedict XVI and today Pope Emeritus since his resignation, has been always interested and linked to Garabandal from the beginning as confirmed again in these 2 Books from 2 different authors who are not known to be linked to Garabandal, confirming also the testimony of Father Turner, one of our Greatest Garabandalist below :

“The event of Garabandal is important in his eyes. Mr. Hubier has seen my book [“O Children, Listen to Me”] on Cardinal Ratzinger’s desk, so Ratzinger certainly must have looked for it. He wouldn’t need more than a few minutes to glance at the table of contents to get an idea of what the book is about. People with his type of mentality and his clear intelligence will be able to discern very quickly, in just a few moments, if it’s worth considering or not”
We also know that when he was still the Prefect of the Congregation of the Faith, Cardinal Ratzinger received from Bishop de Val Gallo in 1991, the Bishop who removed all the restrictions that the previous Bishops imposed on the Priest, the latest study of the Appartions of Garabandal (study which lasted 6 years), confirming again that the Pope Emeritus has been always well informed about Garabandal, he even met one of the main seer, so when Pope Benedict XVI from Fatima in 2010 says:
“May the seven years, which separate us from the centenary of the Apparitions (2017) hasten the prophesied triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary and the glory of the Most Holy Trinity.”
We must understand that these words are given from Fatima to the Faithful and to the world from a Pope well informed about Fatima as about Garabandal.