Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Memoirs of a Spanish Country Priest (Chapter XV)

Several episodes of hierognosis (unexplainable recognition of religious relics or persons) happened in front of me at Garabandal. Without question, the visionaries recognized persons consecrated to God. They also knew the number of priests present in the village.
In her diary, Conchita points out a Dominican who was there incognito. During her ecstasy, she spoke of him and they heard her call him “dominicou.” Later she warned him on behalf of the Virgin that he should wear his habit . . . “So beautiful!”
Also, the girls recognized whether an object had or had not been kissed by the Virgin. While in ecstasy, always. A hundred proofs of this could be given. I can personally verify that, even in the normal state, Conchita knew this.
An example:
— “Conchita, during the next apparition, would you offer this rosary for the Virgin’s kiss?”
— “But it’s already been done.”
Since I was sure that she had never seen it, I insisted.
— “Be nice, do me a favor. Offer it during the apparition.”
— “But why do you want her to redo it, since it has already been done?” she answered smiling.
In my opinion, the kissed objects emanated perfume that could be perceived at times.
Later, many other people were equally favored by perfume from the kissed objects.
In 1961, before it was talked about, I noticed a strong, unrecognized fragrance when entering my room at Barro. At the same time, without knowing why, thinking about Garabandal, I looked around my room, sniffing here and there to discover the source of this perfume, so unexpected in my house. For years, I was never able to perceive it again.
But I found it a second time in Garabandal, at Loli’s house. With this difference: at the village I noticed it for a long minute; while at my house it only lasted a second.
It was June 18, 1965, the day of the Angel’s message to Conchita. I was speaking to Loli at the door of her kitchen. An old man came up to us. Having poor vision, looking against the sunlight, I took him for a beggar and I was getting ready to give him an alms.
He started to speak softly in French and I understood he was looking for Father Laffineur, who had just passed by. While speaking, he took from a plastic case holy cards, which must have been those that Conchita had dedicated for him. He took them out slowly and as he did, I smelled my perfume from 1961, which I have never again perceived since the 18th of June, 1965.
When the good Frenchman left, I questioned Loli:
— “Did you smell something, too?”
— “No, Father, nothing.”
— “Look, don’t deny it, since that fragrance was very characteristic.”
Loli repeated with a smile that she had not sensed anything.
Publishers note:
Sister Lucy said St Joseph, Patron of the Universal Church, was present at the last public apparition at Fatima. It would be fitting for St. Joseph to be present mysteriously at the last public apparition at Garabandal.