Saturday, August 16, 2014


Dear Readers,
I am writing today, having finished a whole week Home Alone, with one more day to go.  During my Home Alone week, I have learned some unique ways of dealing with kitchen affairs.  I don't think I'll tell them to Kathy, though. 

Concerning the Garabandal items:
1.   Those of you who participated in the building of the House of Sanctification Retreat House in Garabandal back in 1999 and 2000 by giving donations for that project and also were issued a letter from our Center for the Divine Will that explicitly stated that you are on the eligible list for a place to stay at the House of Sanctification on the day of the great Miracle that will happen at 8:30 PM on a Thursday in one of the months of March, April, or May between the days of the 8th and 16th of the month, please locate that letter you received back in the years 1999 or 2000 and contact me by email. Please do not call.   My email is
2.    Those of you who have ordered from us the book,"Suddenly and Unexpectedly—the End of our Times," please contact me by email; there are some emendations that would be good for you to know. Please do not call. Send an email.
3.    A new Van for the House of Sanctification has become necessary. Back in 2002, we bought a small Mitsubishi sedan for the House of Sanctifcation in Garabandal, and we have used it practically everyday when someone on our staff was present in Garabandal. Ann Ellison was there 8 months out of the year from 2000 to 2007. Since 2008, Ann and other members have been there during several weeks in the spring of each year. The Mitsubishi sedan has been used not only for daily practical purposes, but for going back and forth to the airport in Santander and Bilbao to pick up visitors as well as making many short runs back and forth to the church for visitors when it is raining, etc.
This past spring, it came to the realization that our small, aging Mitsubishi sedan would no longer be sufficient. We felt that a newer and larger vehicle is now necessary as we approach the time period of the Great Miracle and afterwards, when many people from all parts of the world will be coming and coming and coming.
This last March two of our staff, on the Eve of the Feast of the Annunciation, went to look for a van. We prayed to Our Lady to lead us to the right place. We got some directions in a large city from a local resident and tried to follow the verbal directions as best we could. Suddenly we saw a car dealer's sign. When we drove into the dealer's location, we immediately saw a new, white van in a special location in front of the dealer's place.  We got out to look at it. It was a FIAT! It had a blue interior. So on the Eve of the Feast of Our Lady's Annunciation and her Fiat to God, we are looking at a White FIAT with a Blue interior.  But there was a big problem: The price!  Yes, it was a roomy vehicle with lots of luggage space for visitors, but the price was 28,860 Euros or $39,940 (exchange rate at that time).
Well, I knew that was too much money. So we talked to one of the salesman about other options. He tried to get us to choose from, some nice, roomy cars, but they didn't seem to fit our needs. So, we went looking for used vans, but nothing worked out. We went home and waited and prayed on The Feast of the Annunciation. That night, I got the inspiration to offer 25,000 Euros, hoping that the tentative promises of some relatives of one of our staff members would come through to to help us buy a bigger and better vehicle than the old Mitsubishi, when we got Spain this past spring.
I went back to the big city dealer alone, on the day after the Feast of the Annunciation. I asked the salesman if he could get us a good deal on the FIAT van. He went to talk to his boss, and I waited a good long time.  Finally, he came back and took me to his desk, looked at me straight in the eye, and said, "Today and today only, we can let you have that van for 22,000 Euros." Keeping a poker face, and a happy soul, I shook his hand!  We got the new, White FIAT with the Blue interior and lots of space for passengers and baggage. 22,000 Euros = $30,140 (exchange rate at that time). We have it parked in a nice, safe garage outside of Garabandal.
Back home last May, we got in touch with one of the relatives of one of our staff members about the tentative promise to help pay for a new van. We learned that the most we would receive from those relatives would be $10,000. We are very grateful. Now, we will only need $20,140 to pay for the new van.
It has been very hard for the Center for the Divine Will to break even each year due to the moratorium on new printings or reprintings of Luisa's writings, while the Church works on the official edition.
Therefore, we could use some assisting donations to help pay for the new van and also our annual real estate taxes and insurance for the House of Sanctification. Persons can send donations to Center for the Divine Will - P.O. Box 340 - Jacksboro, TN  37757 or call Kathy at 423-566-5178. Please give this your consideration. Thank you.
Concerning the next Pearl of the New and Divine Holiness, I should be able to send it out tomorrow.
God bless you all and Fiat Semper,
Thomas Fahy