Thursday, February 20, 2014

Fr. Ramon Andreu's Notes: Part Three, Post 68

(Extract of a letter)
Reverend Father Andreu: When I returned from the Exercises I found this community more ardent in its enthusiasm, if possible, towards Garabandal.

Superior of the Religious of María Reparadora

Segovia, January 28, 1962

(Extract of a letter)
“Yesterday, the 27th, my thoughts and my heart were in Garabandal. I received inspiration from the Most Holy Virgin. I don’t know if I can write since I have not received anything from them. This is difficult. The most important thing for us is to believe, as a result of many reactions that we have to hear, some more favorable than others, we can’t miss this. There were stupendous miracles in the Gospel that didn’t leave any room for doubt, yet people still took different positions. Raising Lazarus was the motive for the Jews to kill Jesus. Our incredulity and lack of delicacy hurts the Most Holy Virgin. It would be better if we didn’t argue, but she always finds living faith in our souls after all that happened at Garabandal. This faith depends upon what happens next. We have been given a purely free grace by being invited to believe in Her, but now we are responsible for increasing that faith. The marvels we have witnessed are very great, and we know this. We have been there and we have lived in times in which the divine mixes with the human. God in his providence has chosen us so that we will believe in these marvels that have been proven so that we know He loves us.
María del Santa Cristo de la Victoria
Segovia, 28 de enero, 1962
(Religiosa de María Reparadora)
What a shame that we don’t return this affection with unlimited faith and trust! It would be wonderful and for God nothing is impossible. Our Lady of Garabandal comes under this title to take a very active part in the next Eccumenical Council.”

María del Santo Cristo de la Victoria

Segovia, January 28, 1962
(Religious of María Reparadora)