Friday, February 14, 2014

Fr. Ramon Andreu's Notes: Part Three, Post 67

Other ecstasies on the same day: 

Mari Loli and Conchita had shorter ecstasies that night which were very beautiful and the Vision promised to return to them on the following day, Sunday the 28th, the day we had to go home.

In this ecstasy, Mari Loli spoke about Fr. Ramón, asking the Vision for at least a year in the village—and after she said—“If it cannot be a year, at least let him come.” After the trance ended, Fr. Andreu wrote a letter that I delivered. I know the contents, but naturally, I cannot comment on it.

I don’t remember any more details, and it’s possible that I have not described what happened strictly in order, but I have the security that it is absolutely true.
Many people went up that day, given the time of year. People came from Madrid, Segovia, Santander, Cabezón de la Sal, etc. All of these people were so impressed and so certain of the reality of the apparitions, that they were visibly emotional.
For example, I am going to talk about a case that I can verify:
When the mechanic who drove Señora de Pérez de Mendoza’s Jeep (she was the mother of a bullfighter with the same last name called “Josechu”) arrived at the village of Garabandal with the Jeep, he asked permission to return to Cossío saying that he was not interested in these spectacles—when he arrived at Cossío he made several comments in very bad taste about the children of Garabandal and those who went to see them.

The following day, the 27th, the mechanic went up to the village again to bring a telegram for the woman from her son “Josechu,” who had had a bull fight in America the previous afternoon. He stayed and asked one of the women who had traveled from Segovia in the Jeep, the one named Carmen Cossío, to give the girls a medal that his wife had given him—Our Lady of the Pillar. In the middle of the ecstasy, Conchita went near the mechanic and she gave the crucifix to be kissed twice, and then she placed the chain with the medal of Our Lady of the Pillar on him. I saw this man cry and afterwards I asked if he was going to give away the medal, and he said: “Not for anything in the world. My wife will have to get another, because I’m not going to take this off while I live.”