Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Garabandal Questions/Answers from Aviso

The Faces of the Children

From Aviso's blog:

Your Questions/My Answers Update

Your Questions/My Answers Update

Reminder, in my opinion we are living currently the End of Times announced in Garabandal with a pontificate full of confusions, I think it's necessary to be fair and clear once and for all with all of you as you are also more and more to read this blog (thousands and thousands around the world, incredible, I still can't believe), I have never thought that Garabandal is still in many hearts all around the world and you are right, none of you faithful of our Lady of Garabandal will be forgotten, I am sure our Lady will not forget none of you as long as we are living the Garabandal messages, it's for me a certainty,thank you also for your support and for all your emails, between us no threats will have any impact on my way to lead and talk to all of you through this blog, Never be sure of that.

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