Friday, January 31, 2014

Fr. Ramon Andreu's Notes: Part Three, Post 66

Mari Loli’s ecstasy and Mari Cruz’s first ecstasy

I didn’t see the first part of these ecstasies because I was in Conchita’s kitchen as I said before. I went out to the street and followed Conchita, and then when Mari Loli and Mari Cruz crossed our paths, I followed these two. They went toward the Church with their arms linked, looking at the sky with their heads thrown back. They arrived at the door of the Church where they knelt and spoke with the Virgin; they prayed for the sick. Afterwards, they returned, going toward the village in the same way and entering various homes where the sick were. They gave the crucifix to be kissed. They also went to the house where we were staying. They went to the bedrooms and made the sign of the cross over the pillows in the beds where the Alfonsos, Pilar Andreu, Begoñita, Rosario, and I slept. They went to the street once again and they went toward Conchita’s house, where many people were waiting for Conchita. She signed for everyone but a Mexican woman (the one with the green scapular) to leave the kitchen. Before they left through the door, they returned, entered the kitchen once again, and gave the Crucifix to the Mexican woman only to kiss. Then she left and went up the road to the Pines until she reached the place called the cuadro. She fell on her knees there, gave the crucifix to be kissed and returned to the village where she returned to her normal state. Mari Cruz and Mari Loli continued having ecstasies for awhile.