Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Fr. Ramon Andreu's Notes: Part Three, Post 59

Third Ecstasy, 3 in the morning until 4 on the 14th—Mari Loli

1962. After the ecstasy in the afternoon, Mr. Castro Pérez de Arévalo, Secretary General of the Civil Government of Burgos, his wife, his sister Señora de Muerza, and her eleven year old daughter arrived. The child had been suffering from infant paralysis since she was two months old, and she wore an orthopedic apparatus on her right leg and had two canes to help her walk. These people had not found a way to go up to Garabandal from Cossío by car. They had come on foot. It rained, and they were only able to find a donkey for the child. The child’s mother, Señora de Arévalo, who was far along in pregnancy, had had lung surgery, and had pains in her leg because of the operation, made the journey painfully as it rained. The ground was covered in mud, and according to what her husband said “it was like they pushed her,” this is the literal sentence.
All of us from before met again in Ceferino’s kitchen (except the Mexican woman and her son who had already left) with the addition of the Arévalos, who had just arrived. Mari Loli was sitting on the bench in the kitchen with Señora de Alfonso at her side because she had been showing the girl her wristwatch. The girl had been playing with it and she put it on her wrist. The girl said: “I want to sleep so that the time will pass faster,” and she lay on the bench in the kitchen and then sat up right away, nervous. Señora de Alfonso had taken off her watch so that the child could see the time. At three exactly, Mari Loli fell into ecstasy.