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Fr. Ramon Andreu's Notes: Part Three, Post 58

Second Ecstasy: 6:00-6:30—Mari Loli
We were the same as before, in Ceferino’s tavern, commenting on the happenings of the morning with a Mexican woman and her son, who had just arrived in Garabandal. This woman gave Mari Loli a packet that held various rosaries and medals and some notebooks with thread, and also scapulars held together with green tape. We were as I said before, talking with this woman and her son, and then Mari Loli entered into ecstasy at six exactly. She was sitting in a low chair and then she threw her head back, went toward the stairs and ascended, and then she fell on the floor again. She took a handful of objects that the Mexican woman had given to her before, and she lifted them in the usual way to give them to the Virgin to kiss. She gave a wedding ring and the notebook with green tape to the Mexican woman’s son, since the two objects were in fact his, and the green tape is the Green Scapular that represents one of the most widespread devotions in Mexico.

The girl continued offering objects to the Vision and gave them one by one to the Mexican woman. In that moment, Ceferino signaled to the woman that she should change places, and she did. The girl asked the Vision, very perceptively: “Where is she?—show me,” and she turned slowly until she was in front of the woman once again, and then she continued giving her objects.
The girl went downstairs backwards and when she reached the bottom floor she went out into the street with the Crucifix in her hand. She gave it to the people to kiss and passed over some people (as happened to me). After that, she retraced her steps and gave the crucifix to kiss to those she’d passed.

Monument to the mothers of the emigrants in Sa...
Monument to the mothers of the emigrants in San Sebastián de Garabandal, Cantabria (Spain) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In the street, she went toward the house where the Alfonsos and my wife and I were staying. The owner of this house was named Epifania Mazón. The girl pushed the door (which according to the owner had been locked, though I’m not sure of this detail), and she entered and went up the stairs. She went into the room that my wife and I were occupying. She went to the right of the bed and made the sign of the cross over the pillow. Then she went to the left side and did the same thing there. She left the room and went toward the stairs but then she changed directions and went toward the other room where the Alfonsos were sleeping. She entered and made the sign of the cross over their marriage bed twice, in the same way she’d done it before. She left that room and the house, keeping the crucifix in her hand. She crossed the street and entered another house through the front door. She went up the stairs and made the sign of the cross on the wall of a bedroom before going out to the street once again. The owner of this house told us that the place on the wall where Mari Loli had made the sign of the cross corresponded exactly to the place where her husband’s picture was located, who had died a while ago.

The girl went to two other houses, but I didn’t enter so I couldn’t see what she did. She went to the street and went to the road to go up to the place called “The Pines” and there she fell on her knees, got up, went down to the village and entered in her house. She sat in the same chair where she’d entered ecstasy and she blessed herself before she returned from the ecstasy smiling. She told us that the Virgin had announced that she would return to see her at night, but very late—at three in the morning.
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