Friday, September 27, 2013

Fr. Ramon Andreu's Notes: Part Three, Post 52

Notes about the happenings in San Sebastián de Garabandal on January 13, 1962.

Notes taken by the Marquis of Santa María for the information of Fr. Ramón Andreu, S.J.

Various Notes
Sentence: While showing a holy card of the Virgin to Mari Loli, she said: “How beautiful!” and then, “But she is ugly compared to what we see!”

The priest Fr. Amador questioned Conchita. He is here temporarily substituting for Fr. Valentín: “It was very good with us and I loved them very much, and he taught us a lot. He didn’t tell us, but the people did—that he didn’t believe—he was sly.”

Ceferino, Loli’s father, told us that sometimes he didn’t believe, and that the girls caught him in a lie once. For example: that Conchita had said (and in a way she made it clear) that there were two messages or two secrets—and that she confessed to him when he pushed her to tell the truth, that she didn’t have anything. Then his daughter Mari Loli told him that she had not had a vision that day, so she didn’t know anything about Conchita.

Another day Mari Loli warned her father that she would have an apparition, but she didn’t have one. He scolded her, saying that she had lied. After a few days Mari Loli entered into ecstasy in her house without having warned anyone. Her father asked her why she hadn’t known before as on other occasions and the child answered: “I didn’t want to tell you since it might not happen.” He told the child’s father: “The day she didn’t see, she should have, but she had done something wrong and the Virgin was punishing her.”

When Fr. Amador, who was mentioned before, left the village, the four girls accompanied him to Cossío and when they were saying goodbye, they said the following sentence (it isn’t literal, but it’s the same meaning): “You don’t believe that we are different, but the Virgin has chosen us as she has chosen others.” After, in the village of Puentenansa, he commented: “These girls are worthy of the suffering that awaits them.”