Sunday, September 1, 2013

Fr. Ramon Andreu's Notes: Part Three, Post 49

Jacinta entered ecstasy at 5:47 in her house and left for the street during the first apparitions. She knelt there and didn’t hear anything. She went down at 6:03 in the evening and went toward the Church. When she arrived at the atrium she blessed herself and went to the door, where she blessed herself again. We didn’t hear her. At 6:10 she went to her house, entered her room and gave several medals, objects, etc. to be kissed—which were on the table. She left at 6:15 and went around the village several times. At 6:22 she went to Conchita’s house, and gave several objects to be kissed there, which she had brought. She looked fixedly at a holy card of the Virgin. Then she gave it to be kissed, lowered her hands, gave it to be kissed again, and laughed. She said: “You won’t kiss this?” She stood on her tiptoes, gave it to be kissed and laughed loudly. She went to the street and the ecstasy ended at 6:41. Fr. Amador asked her:

“Have you seen the Virgin?”
J—“Yes, Father.”
P—“What has she told you?”
J—“I can’t say.”
P—“Not even to your parents?”
J—“No, Father. I don’t know when I’ll be able to tell.”
P—“What does the Virgin look like?”
J—“She’s young.”
P—“How is she dressed?”
J—“She wears a blue mantle and a white dress.”
P—“How does she hold her hands?”
J—“Like this.” (She bends her arms and puts her hands together like she is praying).
P—“Where have you been?”
P—“Have you given objects to be kissed?”
P—“If you haven’t moved from here, then where are the objects?”
J—“They took them from me.”
P—“Are you warm or cold?”
P—“Have you prayed for the Bishop?”
J—“Yes, Father.”