Friday, July 12, 2013

Garabandal/Russia Breaking News

Garabandal/Russia Breaking News -

Firsthand information about the Garabandal Great Miracle
I just had a phone conversation with M. Lefevre from Brussels in Belgium, recommended by one of the readers of my blog, he told me, Aviso call him as he may have some firsthand information, so I called him this morning, below some important details gave to me by Mr Lefevre about the Great Miracle and exclusively for this blog.
Mr Lefevre knew quiet well Father Laffineur (who was from the same region and from the same Nationality) and Abbé de Baillencourt, Mr Lefevre and Abbé de Baillencourt were in Garabandal in 1971, invited for lunch at Mrs De Gallardo home, a close friend of Conchita and eyewitness of the Apparitions , Mrs De Gallardo (with God now) has been able to give them a firsthand information unknown by most of the Garabandalists and linked to the Great Mircale but she asked them to keep it secret and to never disclose it, Mr Lefevre had kept this information secretly for years until 1990 (approx.) and the official invitation in 1989 from President Gorbachev to Pope John Paul II for a travel to Russia who was that time still the Soviet Union, we knew after that this travel has not been possible for different reasons and did not happen, it’s still the case today, none of the Popes has never been in Russia yet.
Below the words of Mr Lefevre (recorded on tape with his authorization) regarding “the Pope will see the Great Miracle wherever he will be that time”, the famous prophecy from Conchita confirmed also in her diary:
Mr Lefevre : Mrs De Gallardo told us (to Abbé de Baillencourt and to him), the Virgin told to Conchita that the Pope will see the Great Miracle wherever he will be that time then she added, THE POPE WILL BE IN RUSSIA AND HE WILL SEE THE GREAT MIRACLE FROM RUSSIA, those are exactly the words of Mrs De Gallardo told to her by Conchita herself.

My Comment : so We know now and for sure that a Pope will travel to Russia and will see the Great Miracle from there, an important detail and I am happy to share it with the readers of this Blog and with the authorization of Mr Lefevre, I want also to add another important detail regarding the Book of Albrecht Weber (see The Pope will go to Russia article) sent to me few days ago, the reader who advised me to call Mr Lefevre, had also the same book with him but the first edition from 1993 only (mine is from 2000), he has not been able to find out in this book this indication about a Pope will go to Russia in Moscow, so it looks that this information is not in the Book of Mr Weber as most of us thought it including myself, the Prophecy about 4 Popes only (Page 143 in the 1993 edition and Page 149 in the 2000 edition) but Mr Weber confirmed it and received it during a conversation with Conchita in 1965 but it looks that he did not added it in his book.
Another important detail, Mr Lefevre met Padre Pio twice, in 1964 and in 1966 and asked him, if Padre Pio can gave him a personal authorization to spread the Garabandal messages in Africa (in congo mostly), Padre Pio gave it to him but at one condition only, to get an ecclesiastical authorization (only) before and each time he’ll like to talk about the Garabandal messages publicly.
The Current Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia, Cyril 1st