Friday, July 5, 2013

Fr. Ramon Andreu's Notes: Part Three, Post 43

Aguilar de Campoo, November 15, 1961

Copy of a letter brought by the Clinic that wrote to him, Sofía González of the village of Cossío—among other things, says:

“As I told them before, after the decline of the spirit of many people who are more excited each time they see, I went up on eight continuous days. I went up at five in the morning, and at eight at night, amid inclement weather and without feeling any fatigue, we saw such divine things that it is impossible to describe them. Last night, they saw details that we would believe to be impossible and that no human could do it. Now few people enter the kitchens with the girls and go to all of the places they go in ecstasy.

Now the Virgin has told them that after Saturday the 18th, She will not return in an apparition until January 13th. She said to wait because this Saturday the 18th, or the next one, they will see many things. She told them what they have to do in the course of these two months.”