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New Book with Chapter Regarding the Warning and Great Miracle:

What’s Up with the End-Time Prophecies, New Book Explores Truths 1/31/13


From the best-selling author, Dr. Kelly Bowring, comes an easily readable new book that relates solid modern heavenly messages with the latter-times biblical prophecies to conclude that we can know with certainty that their fulfillment is upon us in this generation.


In his new book, “The Great Battle Has Begun”, author Kelly Bowring highlights the often-misunderstood Book of Revelation to shed light on God’s divine plan for peace in the world today.

As the author of the highly-acclaimed bestseller, “The Secrets, Chastisement, & Triumph” (Two Hearts Press, 2009), Bowring discusses in his new book about the fulfillment of the final biblical prophecies and demonstrates, based on solid modern heavenly sources, that we are living in the time of their fulfillment. Bowring proves that we can know with certainty secrets about the soon-to-be-fulfilled prophecies of the latter times that will unfold in the next few months and years. He shows how the world is about to experience the biggest shift in its history, the likes of which man has never seen or experienced.

In his book, Bowring gives a message of hope. He shows us that Heaven has been giving various signs and messages to call us to prepare for these impending events.

This book shows how God is guiding us to courageously face and spiritually overcome the tribulation and suffering that will continue to spread upon the earth in this end-times generation. According to Bowring’s book, in the midst of the coming crisis, God will soon intervene to bring a great victory to His people and usher in a great new Era of Peace, a new beginning for all humanity.

Dr. Bowring has given much theological research and many solid sources for accuracy to make his book creditable, enlightening, and inspiring; a work that is easy for Christians from all walks of life to understand and follow. Using scripture to back his words and modern prophesy backed by credible sources, he details the coming events of the last great battle as described in the Book of Revelation and the full battle plan to the assured great victory that lies ahead on the other side for those of this generation who want to take the time to “read the signs” which he organizes quite succinctly in his new book.



New Book by Best-Selling Author on the Signs of the Times

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In his new book, The Great Battle Has Begun: How to Approach the End of Our Times with Peace”, Dr. Kelly Bowring, theologian and best selling author of “The Secrets, Chastisement, and Triumph” with imprimatur from Cardinal Vidal and which was honored as “Book of the Year”, proves once again that the “signs of the times” clearly show us that we are living in the latter times and fulfillment of the final biblical prophecies.

In his new book, Bowring gives insights to the Book of Revelation, which for many holds great mystery and fear. Instead, he offers hope by highlighting this often-misunderstood book to shed light on God’s divine plan for peace in the world in our times.  Then he relates scripture to modern prophesy backed by credible sources detailing the coming events of the last great battle, and proves we are indeed in the time of its fulfillment.

In a refreshing way, Bowring discusses the coming events not with gloom and doom, but in a way that inspires hope and peace through God’s love and scriptural and heavenly instruction to overcome the tribulation and suffering that is coming upon us in these times.

Bowring shows us that if we walk in the light of God’s truths, He gives us the assurance of victory. “The Great Battle Has Begun” will give you encouragement, hope and great purpose. After reading this book, you will feel empowered to know where you need to increase your spiritual strength and ability in order to grow in your walk with God and continually abide in Him to help spread the Gospel and share this timely message of hope with others.

This is one of those “must have” books. You will find yourself reading it over and over until you get God’s instruction for the latter times into your heart.  Follow those instructions, using “The Great Battle Has Begun” as a guidebook, to help you remain in peace and in your place within God’s will.  Then, you will understand, as Dr. Bowring points out, that you will be divinely protected by what is to come.  Reading his book is an experience that will bless you for the rest of your life, one that you will desire to share with others.

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