Monday, February 18, 2013

Fr. Ramon Andreu's Notes: Part Three, Post 22


There is a scene that happened in the first days of the month of August, that refers to the recorder.  A man carried a recorder with batteries and recorded what the girls said in a trance in the Pines. I have the reference to this incident from Mr. José Salceda, from Aguilar de Campoo, who was a witness to what I tell here.

When they finished the vision they marched with the recorder so that the girls could hear it. Finishing what corresponded to the rapture, they took words from the girls in normal conversation and they told them to ask the Virgin to speak into the microphone so that the voice would be recorded.

While they were having this conversation, the girls entered into the vision suddenly. In this state they asked the Virgin to speak into the microphone so that her voice would be recorded.

When they finished the vision and went back to their homes in the company of their parents, the girls stayed there; it was enough. The recorder worked to show how the trance had been. Upon arriving at the girls’ sentences, in which they asked the Virgin to speak, “an unmistakable voice was heard.” These are textual words from Mr. José Salceda: “It was the sweetest voice that came from the apparatus saying: ‘No, I won’t speak.’”

The emotion was enormous and many people were crying and saying that this should be taken to the Pope. They played it again and in the middle of the emotion, when they arrived at the cited sentences, we did not hear anything.

They went down to Conchita’s house disconcerted. She had not participated in the mentioned vision but she’d heard what her companions had said. When they arrived at the cited sentences we heard the voice that said: “No, I will not speak.” Upon hearing it Conchita smiled and said she was very happy and that it was the Virgin’s voice. They listened to it again, but I don’t know if they heard it again.

Felix de Corta, S.J.