Sunday, January 13, 2013

Our Lady's Kiss
From Glenn Hudson

Our Lady's Kiss

The kissing of blessed objects began early in the apparitions and was considered vital by Our Lady of Mount Carmel at Garabandal.  She kissed rosaries, crucifixes, medals, and wedding rings.  Missals were also among these sacramentals.  Our Lady fanned the pages as She kissed them, thereby kissing all the pages.  The kissing of blessed objects was the principal purpose of Her very last visit at Garabandal on November 13, 1965.

Many months in advance, Our Lady told Conchita (the main visionary) that the kissing of objects would take place at the Pines. She told Conchita to distribute them because they have great importance.

These articles not only have the special distinction of Our Lady's kiss but also two special graces were attached to them:

Our Lady said: 
            1. "Through the kiss I bestow on these objects, my Son will perform prodigies - distribute them to others." 
            2. "Those who wear them with faith and devotion will do their purgatory on earth."

On a personal note, I truly believe that after I kissed the Garabandal medal that Joey Lomangino offered me at his house on Long Island, back around 1970, Mother Mary granted me the grace to convert and desire to become a deacon. I also believe that through the sufferings of my life and the wearing of a kissed object, I am serving my Purgatory (I hope!) here on earth.  
Deacon John Giglio