Monday, January 7, 2013

Fr. Ramon Andreu's Notes: Part Three, Post 15

What the Virgin teaches them (and us!)

From the beginning of the visions until August 25, 1961, the advice and recommendations the girls have received have been varied. They are here without chronological order, like smooth pieces collected until it is what has happened in the present.


The girls’ modesty is shown in their manner of walking, running, looking, and in their movements, etc. They obey the advice repeated to them by the Virgin several times. The advice is “to be modest.”

They don’t like that the people come showing cleavage, that the women smoke, etc… We have to remember that once one of the girls didn't want to take a picture with a woman because she was showing cleavage.

Indifference to fame

When the beginning of the afternoon arrived, the girls wanted to go to the field, at times, from the morning—or to lock themselves in their houses, only leaving in a sporadic and rapid manner. They say that the Virgin told them to be in their houses; they dispense with the public in general. They do not show any inquietude even though many people come and when there is no vision, the people are disillusioned. The reason why they like people to come is “so they will believe.”