Monday, February 14, 2011

OCTOBER 16, 1968:

When Blessed Padre Pio died, on September 23, 1968, Conchita was very perplexed. The Blessed Virgin's prophecy, predicting that he would see the Miracle, had apparently not been fulfilled . . .
But, on October 16 of the same year, the visionary received a telegram from Lourdes. It was sent by a lady friend of hers, urging her to go to the world-famous Sanctuary, to receive a letter written by Blessed Padre Pio (written, by the way, just . . . one day before the Blessed Capuchin "confirmed," once more, the supernatural authenticity of Garabandal to a French author in spiritual matters, whom we know very well (J.S.)
Convent of the Capuchins, August 22, 1968,
For Conchita - Padre Pio has said:
"I pray the most Blessed Virgin to comfort her and to guide her towards sanctity. I bless her with all my heart."
Fr. Pellegrino

This note dictated by Padre Pio the very day, at the time of the Feast of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, to Fr. Pellegrino, then Superior of the Monastery of San Giovanni Rotondo, was brought to Conchita by one of the famous Capuchin's messengers and friends, the Franciscan Fr. Bernardino Cennamo, who himself had been in San Sebastian de Garabandal on June 18, 1965, and had witnessed the spectacular ecstasy of that famous day, but still doubting about its divine origin . . . until the famous Capuchin of Pietrelcina asked him to offer Conchita the little veil that was to be used to cover his face soon after his death -- a most exceptional 'relic' that the visionary inherited at Lourdes. She also learned from Fr. Bernardino that Padre Pio had clearly "seen the Miracle" shortly before dying (on August 22, 1968): "He told me so himself," the Franciscan insisted. A few days later, Conchita wrote to Joey Lomangino and mentioned the altogether important recent "event." She would later write a complete account of this for Elisa, a friend of Barcelona. ( Fr. A. Combe, a French priest, who had accompanied Conchita and her mother to Lourdes, also would provide us with a full account of that most remarkable, providential trip). Furthermore, all the irrefutable facts occurred before and after the famous Note of Msgr. Cirarda, October 9, 1968! (see next post). As to Fr. B. Cennamo himself, he will eventually corroborate firmly what has been said above, in a letter of July 4, 1969, to an English gentleman.
[From 'Garabandal' Book, pages 216-217]

Lots of details on this amazing "event" in the life of Conchita . . .
Well, at least she got to go to Lourdes. I always wanted to go there too, but so far haven't made it there. All this stuff happened before I heard of Garabandal in 1970, so I really missed out knowing about Padre Pio, but he did become one of my favorite saints after that and I prayed to him to intercede for me many times and also prayed for his beatification. Someone I know personally had a visit from him after his death and caused that person to get out of their depression and a change of life! Another time I was at Joey Lomangino's house and a nun
from Italy was there who had one of Padre Pio's gloves that had covered the stigmata. It was passed around to be venerated and one man smelled roses coming from it and had a conversion experience. I didn't smell anything . . . I love remembering all this little stuff, it makes me smile!
Deacon John