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Inside the church today.

A native of San Sebastian de Garabandal, Fr. Gomez was appointed in 1971 pastor of the village (a pastoral duty he is still in charge [year 2000] ) by Msgr. del val. . . . the church just refurbished in 1986 with the approval of Msgr. del Val, thanks also to the financial assistance of Joey Lomangino and of many other benefactors throughout the world.

Don Juan was one of the very first and most important witnesses of the phenomena. He was present at more than one thousand ecstasies including the "Milagrucu." [Little Miracle of the Host]. At first these left him skeptical, then he gradually changed his opinion and it was as a priest personally convinced of the authenticity of Garabandal that he acceded to the responsibilities of the pastor. He even managed to convince Msgr. del Val of the necessity to set up at last a more serious investigation file of these "events."
[From 'Garabandal' Book, page 219]

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People from all over the world go on Pilgrimage to Garabandal, so it must be a big job being pastor of that tiny church. And after the Bishop lifted the interdict and allowed priests to go there to, they must be a great help to him in ministering the Sacraments to the pilgrims. Divine Providence comes through again!
Next we will begin meeting some of the other contemporary saintly figures involved with Garabandal . . . stay tuned!
Deacon John

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