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Padre Pio's Superior in San Giovanni Rotondo addressed a letter (in Spanish) to Conchita, on behalf of the famous Capuchin:
"Peace and Greetings
Padre Pio is praying with (his) heart for your intentions and exhorts you to pray, placing your trust in the Divine Mercy in order to acquire the patience (to bear) all the trials and adversities of
life, and also the spiritual blessings and graces for the sanctification of your soul.
Padre Pio assures you that he remembers you constantly in his prayers and sends you his paternal blessing.
Fr. Superior."
It is therefore above all a vibrant call to holiness that Conchita received, "a right and a duty of every faithful," a central guideline of the most ancient tradition of the Church, significantly taken up by Vatican II (John Paul II, June 24, 1995 Address). This little message, the third one at least, from Blessed Padre Pio, was thus a new personal confirmation of the supernatural authenticity of Garabandal, a confirmation stemming doubtless from the supernatural lights that the famous stigmatist had already received on this subject since . . . the very beginning of the events! Other analogous and even more important "signs" would again be given to the visionary by the holy Italian priest!
{In March 1982, in answer to the first letter received from the Blessed Padre, Conchita spontaneously and naively suggested to him that he come to Garabandal to visit her . . . : "Do you think that I can travel about like that, according to my whim, and why not like Santa Claus, and come down the chimney into your home?", the Capuchin retorted, amused.}
[Excerpted from 'Garabandal' Book, page 184]

That date March 1982 has to be a mistake or that's when this note was revealed, cause Padre Pio died in 1968! I can't forget this date cause Joey Lomangino talked about Padre Pio and his death at every conference he gave. 

Padre Pio was a great Saint and led a life of suffering in imitation of Our Lord, Jesus Christ. So much so that he received the stigmata in imitation of the wounds of Christ. Once someone asked if they hurt, and he responded "What do you think, that they are painted on my flesh!" He had a way with words. If you went to confession to him and you didn't tell all your sins, he would yell and throw you out, saying "Come back when you're ready to tell all your sins." 

Joey, of course, received his sense of smell back when he went to confess to Padre Pio. It was a real miracle cause his olfactory nerves are cut from the accident and by right, it's impossible for him to smell anything. 

One young girl who had no pupils in her eyes went to Padre Pio and she received the gift of sight without pupils! How's that for a miracle. There are many more. Padre Pio used to fight with the devil, even fist fights! Scary stuff! If you can, get a good book on Blessed Padre Pio, he is fascinating!!!
Deacon John

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