Monday, June 28, 2010


1965, Loli at sixteen with her father, Ceferino


Ceferino, owner of the village Cafe, [father of Mari-Loli] . . . was the father of ten children. On this March 31, 1962, his wife Julia was giving birth, on the first floor, to a little girl, Lupita.
Falling into an ecstasy at that very moment in that same house, Loli learned from the Blessed Virgin that she had just had a baby sister. Then the visionary was heard crying out: 
"what, so small, and "sin" already in her?" Fr. Laffineur himself, present that day at Garabandal, left his precious testimony about that most significant "episode."
This fundamental truth of the Christian Faith, of experience as well, concerning "original sin," was recalled several times with new light in Garabandal, thus prophetically "corroborating" the Teaching of the Magisterium (v.g. John Paul II and his remarkable Catechisis of 1986), often ill-received by many contemporary theologians on such an important matter.
Without going here into the details and the richness of that fundamental doctrine of the Church, we may at least point out that the "sin" of her little sister mentioned to Mari-Loli by the Vision was obviously neither an actual sin, nor a personal one. It is rather, if we refer to the etymology and history of the word "peccatum," a lack, a privation of what, according to God's primary and fundamental intention in creating Man, was due to him at first, that is, a state of righteousness and holiness from which we have been deprived since Adam's personal and original sin. In a parallel manner, however, may we recall that the mystery of the universal economy of Grace, past as well as actual, extends to every human being, baptized or not, in History, thus since the Fall itself, although in quite different ways and without any religious syncretism whatsoever!
[From 'Garabandal' Book, page 129]

An amazing excerpt on "original sin", which I'm sure will give us a lot to think about. Yes, the Church still teaches that every person born after the Fall has original sin on their souls, and that the Sacrament of Baptism cleanses us of it and make us members of the Body of Christ, sons and daughters of God the Father, brothers and sisters of Jesus Christ; and receiving the Holy Spirit as priests, prophets, and kings; we also become the children of Mary, who is the Mother of the Church! Wow! What dignity this one Sacrament bestows on us. Can we thank God enough for this great grace?

Unfortunately, there were and are some in the Church who teach errors regarding this blessed Sacrament, even denying "Original Sin"! That's why we must always be united with the Pope and those bishops who are united with him; there only you will find the Truth and be protected from the errors being taught.

As for those who are not members of the Church through baptism, remember that there is three forms of baptism:
1. Baptism by water.
2. Baptism by desire.
3. Baptism by blood.
Only God saves and knows what is in each persons heart. Hopefully, every person, who loves God, will be saved through desire or giving their life for another, through blood!!! Each day I say a little prayer for the unborn who have been aborted: "By the blood they have shed, may they be baptized in the Name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, and be granted eternal salvation through the Precious Blood of Jesus!"  
Deacon John