Monday, June 7, 2010

The Last Warning

“SHE (Our Lady of Mount Carmel) warned for punishment to come, worse than any that had yet been experienced, if we did not amend our lives.” (Fr. Philip Bebie, C.P., The Warning, 1982).
First, let me say “I’m back” after a long leave from the media due to the last elections. I was thinking of extending my leave from writing until I got hold recently of a copy of Fr. Bebie’s little book mentioned above. Those who received this book, is entrusted “the responsibility of communicating with newspapers, television, radio…. to inform the greatest number of people just what the warming means as soon as it happens.” Hence, this article.
The Last Warning was issued by Our Lady of Mount Carmel to 4 children named Conchita, Loli, Jacinta and Mary Cruz at a remote mountain village of  Garabandal, Spain on June 18, 1965 after a 4-year apparition that started on July 18, 1961.
In said apparition, Our Lady of Mount Carmel “affirmed in various ways those doctrines and devotions that shortly come under attack or be abandoned, such as the devotion to herself that had long been traditional, love for the Eucharist and visits to the Blessed Sacrament, the importance of prayer, the validity and power of blessings, particularly religious articles, which she kissed and gave back to their owners to take home. She also stressed the importance of frequent, even daily reception of Holy Communion, the power and dignity of priests and the Mass, the necessity of obedience to Church authority (emphasized as Key point), and belief in and reliance on the ministry of angels and saints… perform much penace and make many sacrifices.” More than anything else, she “repeated the injunction to repent of our sins and seek forgiveness, especially in confession.”

From 1830 to 1986, there were four Marian apparitions officially recognized by the Catholic Church. These were: 1) The Miraculous Medal of 1830 in Paris; 2) Lourdes in 1853; 3)  Fatima in 1917; and 4) Garabandal in 1961. It seems that the first three “visitations and messages of Mary have been pratically forgotten or are ignored by most Catholics, including the clergy”, thus the need for a fourth one which focuses on the end -times.
According to Fr. Bebie “The (Last) Warning pulls the veils of Satan’s deception away from our eyes. God now demands that we listen. Up to now we have not chosen to do so, especially when Mary has called on us to change our lives. The (Last) Warning is God’s mercy to us, showing us that we must change, we must repent, we must listen – or we perish,” wrore Fr. Bebie.
If we do not heed The Last Warning of repentance and reforming our lives and physical death come to us, then we should be prepared for the unavoidable, terrible and eternal punishment of God.
Again from the book of Fr. Bebie: “The four children (the young seers Conchita, Loli, Jacinta and Mary Cruz) were led into the darkness outside the village. The children instructed the people not to follow them. Shortly thereafter the townpeople heard them screaming with terror, pleading in prayer for God to spare the people, especially the children… The girls informed everyone later that they had witnessed ‘The Punishment’ that would come if people, in the end, would refuse to amend their lives. Many years later, Loli, one of the girls, elaborated somewhat on what she knew of this mysterious calamity, saying that it would be like fire all over the world. Even the seas would be on fire, so that people would have nowhere to flee.”

The Message of the Garabandal Marian apparition is compatible to many verses in our Holy Bible about the “end of times.” The Book of Revelation in our Sacred Book deals mainly of the Second Coming of our Lord Jesus Christ and the Last Judgment in the “end-times.” Of course, first there will still be God’s Judgment – before God’s Punishment and Reward.
But for people who humble themselves, truly believe in God, admit that they are sinners, repent and amend their lives before their physical death, by the grace of God they will be saved from damnation and will be greatly rewarded with eternal happiness as God promises to do so.
Beauty, power, fame and material wealth are all vanities. Remember that life is short and our physical death comes like “a thief in the night.” Therefore, let’s all be prepared for our death and attend to our spiritual life now! Let start “living in time for eternity.”
As Fr. Jerry M. Orbos, SVD recently wrote in his column “MOMENTS”: “There is a reason for everything and for everyone. No one can escape the rides and seasons of life. And definitely no one can escape the reality of death.” Thus, seriously heed the fast warning and always be prepared! Please disseminate to your relatives and friends The Last Warning and Save souls.