Wednesday, March 3, 2010

SUNDAY, JULY 23, 1961:

Our Lady, who had come with the Child Jesus, authorized the children for the first time to take Him in their arms. They felt His weight, noting, however, that they had the impression of not being really in contact with His little body.
Another first on this Sunday: beginning of the "cosmic phenomena" at San Sebastian de Garabandal. On that day, the young girls saw large stars with a long tail. Some of these phenomena were sometimes visible to everyone. They will reach their peak, and by far . . . , with the "very great Miracle" of the future "D" day to be revealed eventually, first to Conchita (on October 18, 1961).
[Excerpted from 'Garabandal' Book, page 67.]
Many saints have held the Child Jesus! Remembering St. Anthony, whose statues and holy cards always show him with the Baby Jesus in his arms. So it's not surprising that Our Blessed Mother gave Jesus to the girls to hold. Later on Conchita asked Our Lady: "When the Baby doesn't come, where is He? In heaven? . . . or in a cradle? . . . " See how a child's mind works! Conchita thought that Jesus always was a Baby. St. Francis of Assisi, of course, was one of the first Saints to have a strong devotion to the Infant Jesus and staged Nativity scenes with live people at Christmas time.
There was a lot of "cosmic phenomena" at Fatima, during OurLady's apparitions there in 1917. And the people who were there also witnessed the strange events, like falling flower petals that disappeared before they hit the ground, low clouds circling the Holm oak tree Our Lady stood upon, an orb of light surrounding and transporting Our Lady into heaven, etc., etc. Real manifestations of the supernatural! I'd probably faint with joy to see these sights! How about you?
Deacon John