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The Sabbatine Privilege, in its original form, was granted in the fourteenth century by the Blessed Virgin, after the grace of the Scapular to St. Simon Stock. The sixth General Superior of the Carmelites, who had just been chased away from the East by the Saracens, had begged Mary to help him. She then appeared to him promising him, at the same time as she gave him the gift of the Scapular, that every Carmelite wearing it would be spared the eternal fires.
As for the Sabbatine Privilege, it was broadened later by the Church, thanks to Pope Paul V (1605-1621). The Blessed Virgin promised that all those who had venerated her constantly and who had worn the Scapular with devotion would be withdrawn from Purgatory on the first
Saturday after their death.

At Garabandal, one finds indeed the figure of a small mountain on one side of the Scapular that Our Lady of Mount Carmel wears on her right arm. This mountain (the "Muhraka") symbolizes the confrontation that occurred on Mount Carmel between Elijah and Baal's false prophets. A cross is drawn on the other side: a clear indication of the divine source of that famous sacramental.

The Sabbatine Privilege was illustrated in a remarkable way on this August 12 at Garabandal. The four visionaries, as much in a state of ecstasy as in a normal state, had prayed a great deal after August 9, for the soul of the deceased Fr. Luis. They ceased to do so completely on this first Saturday after his death. The Blessed Virgin told the little girls that he was now in heaven. We know that Fr. Luis wore the scapular-medal of Our Lady of Mount Carmel.

As for St. Clare of Assisi, how not detect her "spiritual presence" at San Sebatian de Garabandal on this day of her "natale"? Several amazing events occurring as much during her life as soon after her death, offer, indeed, a clear analogy with some of the many phenomena registered on this August 12, 1961, in the village. For example, this one noted by Don Valentin Marichalar: ". . . The girls in ecstasy saw stars with long tails. . ." In the first case (charismatically speaking) as in the second (according to a theological reflection -- Canon J. Porro), people understood that this symbolized the Holy Spirit, known to have dwelt fully in St. Clare's soul while she lived.
[Excerpted from 'Garbandal' Book, page 88.]


Now you know why I have been wearing the Brown Scapular for the last 40 years and the only time I had to take it off was when I had an MRI exam and the technician insisted that everything had to go. As the old saying goes: "I wouldn't be caught dead without it!" When I tell people that Our Lady promised to take you out of Purgatory on the first Saturday after you die, if you wear and are enrolled in the Brown Scapular, I also say that I hope to die on a Saturday so that I can be taken right up!!!
I can tell you from personal experience how much I have changed from my "old self" to a "new man" through Our Lady's loving mantle of protection. She has guided and lead me in so many ways, especially to greater devotion to Jesus in the Holy Eucharist! Each day when I wake up, I pray the Morning Offering, kissing my Scapular, and dedicating the entire day to the Sacred Hearts of Jesus & Mary. Sometimes, during the day, the scapular itches a little (it's made out of wool), and instantly I'm reminded of Our Blessed Mother and she keeps me on track.

Why not try it? There are many Catholic groups who will send you a free Brown Scapular, so if you want to wear Our Lady's Livery and receive many graces, why not get and wear one? Think about it!
Deacon John

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