Tuesday, January 12, 2010


While the girls were happily biting the fruit of their innocent petty thieving, a thunderclap and a lightning flash zigzagged across an otherwise perfectly clear sky. . . . It was 8:30 p.m. Frightened, the children began to be sorry for their mischief when suddenly an Angel appeared . . . Conchita was the first to see him, hardly a minute before the others all cried out at the same time: "Aye! The Angel!" Then falling into an ecstasy, they contemplated him in silence. The Angel appeared to the children, wearing a blue tunic, with dark eyes and hair, a mat complexion, and "wings that looked as if they were made of fire," according to Conchita. "A very beautiful person, surrounded by a very strong light that did not hurt the eyes," the visionary again pointed out. According to Jacinta, "the Angel appeared to be nine years old, but 'very strong.' He looked like a young boy, but before him we felt great respect."

We are almost certain now that the angel who appeared at Fatima was also St Michael. At Garabandal, we are sure of that, since on the following 2nd of July the girls learned his identity from Our Lady herself.

An Angel of Peace in 1916Image by angelofsweetbitter2009 via Flickr

[Excerpts from 'Garabandal' Book, page 28.]
So here again we see the connection to the Fatima apparitions, first because of the thunder and lightning which preceded the apparitions and second because before Our Lady appeared to the three children at Fatima, St. Michael appeared, and after teaching them some Eucharistic Prayers, gave them Holy Communion! Lucia received the Host and Francesco and Jacinta received the Precious Blood from the chalice. Amazing! Many people don't realize this or know about it when they read the Fatima Story. I thank God and our dearest Mother Mary for infusing the Fatima Prayers into my mind and allowing me to pray them each day after receiving Holy Communion!
Deacon John