Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Countdown to the Warning/By Fr. Esper/Part 2

   More recently, a cloistered nun in Ohio, Sister Mildred Mary Neuzil (who died in 2000) was warned by Our Lord of the coming scandals. In 1981 Jesus said to her, "Many unnatural acts are being committed in the name of love.  This evil is being disguised and tolerated as an intrinsic right like any other. Even some of My priests and consecrated virgins are being caught up in this web of evil -- not realizing the terrible consequences."  Another contemporary prophet was given a vision of Churches being closed because of a lack of priests; the Lord explained to her, "When I am through purifying the Church, there will be very few priests left to lead My children. When I am through, what will be left will be the ones who remain close to My Mother."

     America has lost her way, and the Church is failing--in spite of the best efforts of thousands of dedicated priests and bishops and millions of committed Christians--to bring about a moral renewal in our society. Therefore creation itself is seemingly protesting our rising level of immorality; the widespread droughts and destructive fires experienced throughout much of the country earlier this year are only the most recent examples of a long series of unprecedented natural disasters coinciding with American  society's fall from grace. Seven of the ten worst disasters in U.S. history have occurred in the last thirteen years. As Michael Brown demonstrates extensively in his book Sent To Earth, this is no coincidence; throughout history societal wickedness and perversion have triggered climatic upheavals. God's creation is good and orderly, and we cannot rebel against it without eventually provoking an unpleasant  and even disastrous response. Numerous signs of this harsh but inescapable truth are being given. For instance, twelve days after the September 11 attacks, an Aurora Borealis over Finland formed the amazing image of what looked like an enormous angel in red, holding a sword. The sword and the color red, of cours
Eielson Air Force Base, Alaska — The Aurora Bo...Image via Wikipedia
e, are traditional images of war (cf. Rev. 6:3-4), and this event is reminiscent of the 1938 Aurora Borealis which cast a reddish glow in the night sky over Europe--the "unknown light" Our Lady predicted at Fatima as a sign of imminent war. Furthermore, a great Aurora Borealis covered most of the continental United States on the evening of March 30, 2001; observers from across the country reported green and red lights flashing throughout the night sky.


     The color red also figures in unconfirmed reports of a newly-discovered tenth planet (Planet X), a dark star whose eccentric orbit (along with its mass, magnetism, and density) will have increasingly deleterious effects on earth's weather and volcanic and seismic activity. As it draws closer, Planet X,  viewed through earth's atmosphere, is expected to take on the appearance of a flaming red cross. Experts believe Planet X may seriously affect our weather if it passes close by earth. (It should be noted that so far it has disrupted the surface of every planet it's orbited for seven years preceding its passage--and since 1996, weather patterns here on earth have been changing, while instances of earthquakes and volcanic eruptions have set new records.)

Though Planed X will not actually collide with earth, its magnetic effect is upsetting the normal gravitational balance between the earth and the sun; when it reaches its strongest magnetic pull on the earth, our planet is expected to cease its rotation for two or three days--a situation which could give rise to the  prophesied Three Days of Darkness. (It's said that NASA and officials of other governments are deliberately downplaying the existence of Planet X so as to avoid panicking the world's population.) Many traditional prophecies have spoken of a comet as an instrument of divine justice--and a revelation given to the earlier-mentioned visionary named Judith is instructive in this regard. Referring to a vision granted in 1998, God the Father said to her, "Did you not see Michael the Archangel and I, your Lord God, playing with a ball of fire? Did I not say to you at that time I will throw and toss the ball to Michael twice? And, my daughter, when I  toss this ball the third time, your world will be destroyed...That ball of fire was an asteroid. Twice it has come close enough to your earth to do terrible destruction. This destruction was explained away by your scientists, and you believed in them rather than in your God."
This prophecy seems to have been partially fulfilled. On June 14, 2000 an asteroid the size of a soccer field missed hitting the earth by a mere 75,000 miles; if it had struck the earth, millions of people could have been killed. On March 8, 2002 a sizable asteroid came within 288,000 miles of earth; especially frightening was the fact that, since it came from the direction of the sun (an astronomical blind spot), scientists did not observe it until four days after its passing.

     On July 25, 2002 Christina Gallagher received a message from Our Lady, which said in part, "You will be put to the test to choose between the evil one and God. Storms will affect many in the world--storms such as the world has not seen...Do not blame the evil one for what is your own weakness and your own desires....Coming to the world are many calamities to purify the stench of sin and evil." This message has a special relevance for the United States, for on an earlier occasion Christina had told a group of Americans, "God will never visit war upon your land because American people have been so generous--but because of your sins, your country will be punished by the elements and defeated by natural disasters." These words echo the earlier prophecy of the famous German stigmatist Therese Neumann, who stated in 1946 that the United States would never be invaded or conquered, but would be economically ruined by a series of natural disasters around the turn of the century

[To be continued with Part 3 tomorrow]