Sunday, July 19, 2009

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Pope Paul VIImage via Wikipedia

I was wondering what is the position of Benedict XVI, if Our Lady said that there would be two more popes after Paul VI? 
Pope Benedictus XVIImage via Wikipedia

On the death of Pope John 23rd in June 1963, Conchita told her mother, Anicita, that "there will be three more popes till the end of time." On the death of John Paul II, we have entered the end times. 
Benedict XVI, as Cardinal Ratzinger SJ. received copies of all Fr. Benac's files on Garabandal. Fr. Benac SJ. was a renowned world expert on the Garabandal apparitions. We can confidently assume that Benedict XVI is well acquainted with the Garabandal story.
From Garabandal International Magazine