Monday, July 6, 2009

An E-Mail From A Friend of Garabandal:

Dear Garabandal Info Readers,
It is late Sunday night, July 5, 2009. 
Below, I will share my thoughts on some news that is developing as I write.
First:  For those who have copies of "Saints in the Divine Will" by Fr. Sergio Pellegrini, I urge you to study carefully item #14 on page 57, which has the title: "The Sanctification of Human Actions."  It is a simple instruction from Jesus to us through Luisa Piccarreta. Yet, it is greatly necessary for our behavior in our everyday lives in the Life of the Divine Will.  Read what Jesus tells us several times and let Divine Grace move you to put this instruction into practice.
Second: A while back, I had started an update to my article, "Significant Points of the Garabandal Drama." But I got involved in a practical undertaking here in Tennessee, involving a construction project on the property.  I have been doing it alone, but may get some help soon. It has consumed my time, followed by exhaustion almost everyday. But I am OK.
Now: Some omnimous news, as I see it, in the context of Our Lady's words at Garabandal.
As I write Mr. Obama is on the way to Moscow to meet with President Medvedev and very likely Prime Minister Putin.
Obama seeks to work with the Russians toward a treaty for further nuclear arms reduction. Taking into account the probability of his personal motives for this undertaking in relation to the sober assessment of his psychological personality by commentators of sound judgment and good ethics, it seems reasonable to be very concerned that the Russians will take advantage of Mr. Obama and will deceitfully agree to an arrangement that in reality significantly reduces our defenses in contrast to that of the Russians and other enemies of America and the West.
Should this happen, then the prediction of Our Lady at Garabandal (see below) will be right on course.
Even though treaties have to be ratified by the Senate, we  seem to have a rubber stamp Senate; and not only that, there apparently are loopholes that would allow Mr. Obama to put any agreement he makes with the Russians into a practical stage of implemetation while the Senate debates.  There seems to be a rush on the part of Mr. Obama to get a new treaty into effect before the December deadline for the termination of the 18 year-old SALT treaty.
Our Lady of Mt. Carmel de Garabandal, showed Mari Loli and Jacinta, on June 19, 1962, the coming "Sudden and Unexpected Great Tribulation of Communism," led by Russia."  The 13 year-old girls screamed with exceeding horror for 50 minutes that night... The effect on the witnesses at Garabandal that night was immense.
Mari Loli died of lupus and its effects after years of suffering last April (2009).  Her death does not change any of the predictions made by Our Lady at Garabandal.
Pope Benedict XVI will not be going to Moscow this year according to what Patriarch Kirill has indicated in some reports.
That is all for now.  Pray heartily for the human race and strive more and more diligently to grow more perfectly in the Life of the Divine Will.
In the Admirable, Adorable and Amiable Will of God,
Thomas Fahy, President
The Luisa Piccarreta Center for the Divine Will, Inc.