Sunday, May 24, 2009

Update on Mari-Loli's Last Days and Funeral

In Loving Memory of

Maria D. (Mari Loli) (Mazon Gonzalez) Lafleur
May 1, 1949 - April 20, 2009

Loli was born May 1, 1949, in a barn, to parents Ceferino Mazon and Julia Gonzalez, in San Sebastian de Garabandal, Spain. Her sibling were three brothers, Fernando, Ceferino, and Gustavo and four sisters, Amalia, Rosaura "Sari", Guadalupe "Lupita", and Aurora.
Her childhood was marked by apparitions and messages from the Virgin Mary.
She attended school in Garabandal, Saragoza, and Barcelona.
Loli first came to Brockton, Massachusetts with Maria Saraco, a Garabandal apparition lecturer, in 1972.
It was at St. Francis of Asisi Church in Medford, Massachusetts in 1972 where Loli met her husband to be, Francis (Frank) Lafleur for the first time. Their first date was in July 1973. They were engaged on September 17, 1973 and married five months later on February 2, 1974.
Frank and Loli's residence was in Massachusetts where they resided for five years. It was while living there, on May 31, 1975, that their first child Francis was born.
The family then moved to another residence in Massachusetts, where their two daughters were born. Melanie was born on April 28, 1980 and Maria Dolores on August 1, 1981.
On August 31, 1982, the family (now Frank, Loli, Francis, Melanie and Maria Dolores) moved to New Hampshire where Loli would live for the next 27 years until her death on Monday, April 20, 2009 at 7:45pm.
For many years, Loli suffered from Lupus and Scleroderma which ultimately caused fibrosis of her lungs. Loli died surrounded by her loving family and sister Sari (visiting from Spain at the time) who were all praying the rosary at her bedside. The last Mass Loli attended was on Easter Sunday (8 days prior to her death) which was celebrated, in the family's home, by longtime friend and spiritual advisor Father Rene Van Hissenhoven of Bogota, Colombia. Also on Easter Sunday, a Eucharistic prayer vigil was held in the village church at Garabandal, Spain, at 3:00 in the afternoon, for her intentions and for good and holy priests. Loli continued to receive Holy Communion daily, often brought to her by her husband or occasionally a visiting Priest. She received the Last Rites multiple times during the last week prior to her death. Loli had also been praying the Divine Mercy Chaplet for many years and had just concluded the Divine Mercy Novena on Divine Mercy Sunday, April 19th, the day before her death.
At the time of her death, Loli had been married to her husband Francis for over 35 years. Her son Francis lived in Massachusetts. Her daughter Melanie resided with her husband Nate Johnston, and their child Nathan, in New Hampshire. Loli's daughter Maria Rosati lived with her husband Tom and their son Anthony in Massachusetts. Maria and Tom were also expecting the birth of a daughter, Layla Rosati, in June of that year.
Her funeral Mass took place Friday, April 24th. The Mass was concelebrated by Bishop William McNaughton, Fr. Rene Van Hissenhoven, Fr. Robert Murray, Fr. William Carroll, Fr. Robert Savoie and Fr. George Almeida. On May 1st (her birthday), a memorial Mass for family and friends living in Spain (and unable to attend the funeral) was concelebrated by several priests in the church of the village of her birth, San Sebastian de Garabandal Spain. 

Deacon John