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AN OPEN LETTER TO OUR CHILDREN by a Garabandal Supporter

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Dear Children
We are writing this letter to
you as loving and responsible
parents, having your best
interests at heart.
This year, as we celebrate our
Fortieth Wedding Anniversary, it
is pleasing to note that a strong
constant during our marriage,
has been our total unwavering
commitment to the Catholic
Faith that we inherited from our
parents. It was a strong support
for us, as we encountered the
challenges we faced in the
“management” of our family
The passion for the past
twenty-seven years, to be
involved in the spreading of Our
Lady’s “Garabandal Message”,
has been the importance of
the event and its message.
Although you are familiar with
the prophesies of Our Heavenly
Mother associated with this
event, we feel that as time goes
by, we would like to renew your
understanding of “Garabandal”
and help you appreciate more
fully its importance in the light
of today’s society.
We give thanks to Jesus and
Mary for the privilege and the
honour to have been given the
opportunity to travel this journey
with them. Naturally, we pray
that those dearest to us can share
the blessings we receive as we
continue that journey.
Our Heavenly Mother is
reported to have appeared to
four young children in the
Spanish village of San Sebastian
de Garabandal during the years
1961-1965. She gave them a
message for the world similar to
the one given when she appeared
to three young peasant children
at Fatima in Portugal in 1917.
The Fatima Message contained
dire predictions that would
come upon the world if people
failed to respond to God’s call
for them to reject their wayward
behaviour and return to a more
“God-centred” way of living
their lives.
History records that the
Message that she gave to the
children at Fatima was, in
principle, ignored and that the
predictions came to pass. Much
has been written about how the
world has suffered as a direct
result of the actions of Russia’s
Communist regime and the
tragedies of the Second World
War. Our Heavenly Mother told
the Fatima children that these
events were on the “horizon”
and could be averted if people
responded to God’s call.
Unfortunately, people continued
to ignore the pleas of a loving
God. Much has been written
on world events since 1917 and
can easily be sourced for your
During the years 1961-1965
Our Lady is reported to have
appeared on this earth, as a loving
and distraught Mother, pleading
for a correction in the way we
live our lives. Again there is a
Message for the World. However,
this time it carries a greater
sense of urgency. In 1965, in the
second part of the “Message”,
Our Lady points out that “…
before, the cup was filling up,
now it is flowing over…”. In
another part of this “Message”
it states that “…we should turn
the wrath of God away from
ourselves by our efforts”. Some
people might argue that we have
become a society that is straying
further from God and His
Commandments as we continue
to ignore His invitations to be
reconciled with Him.
As with Fatima in 1917,
a number of prophesies were
made by Our Lady at Garabandal
in the 1960s. Just to familiarize
you with them, they are as

follows and will happen in the
following order:

THE WARNING. “Aviso” is
the Spanish word for this event.
It was unfortunately translated
into English as “The Warning”.
A better translation would have
been “The Call”, representing a
call from God to be reconciled
with Him.
During the reported Apparitions
of Our Heavenly Mother
at Garabandal, she told the girls
that at a particular moment in
time, God will allow us to see
our conscience. At that moment,
we will not be aware of anyone
or anything around us. This will
be a personal encounter with
God – one to one. We will be
given an insight into the way we
have lived our lives. It will be
an opportunity to see where we
stand in the light of God’s mercy
and justice.
After what will be an
amazing encounter with our
God, we will still have our free
will. He will never take that
away from us. With our newly
acquired knowledge, we will be
in a very good position to make
an informed decision on whether
we accept or reject God and all
that He has to offer.

THE MIRACLE. This will
happen within a twelve month
period of The Aviso. Our
Heavenly Mother told Conchita
that it will be the greatest Miracle
that Jesus has performed for
the World. The timing of this
Miracle will coincide with a
great Ecclesiastical event in the

sign, relevant to the Miracle, will
appear at the site of the reported
Apparitions and will remain
there until the end of time.

an undisclosed period of time,
if mankind still ignores God’s
“Call” to be reconciled with
Him, a Chastisement will come
upon the world. Such a situation
is conditional upon how people
respond to Him.
Of the four girls who were
the Seers at Garabandal, only
Mari Loli knows the year of the
“AVISO” (The Warning) and
Conchita knows the date of the
“MIRACLE” but was advised
by Our Lady not to tell anyone
until eight days before it is to
Now, we are not seers and
are not privy to the knowledge
of Mari Loli and Conchita.
However, we are aware of
certain conditions that are to
come into place as we approach
the prophesied Events. Consider
the following:
Our Heavenly Mother told
the children that the prophesied
Events will occur at a time when
the World is in a state of crisis.
For some considerable time now,
our world newsreels have been
and continue to be filled with
reports that are quite disturbing.
It includes the never ending
incidence of “man’s inhumanity
to man” through war, the global
crisis of how we are misusing
our planet’s resources, the state
of the world economies and their
stock markets and not forgetting
the total breakdown in moral
standards which are offending
God. These are subjects that
attract many diverse opinions.
Although we are all
individually responsible for our
own personal relationship with
our God, as loving parents we
never cease to “look out” for our
children – yes, even our adult
children. We feel very strongly
that we are fast approaching
that moment in time when we
will all experience an amazing
encounter with our God. On a
personal level we are working
hard (it is not easy we agree), to
shape our lives into a position
that is in communion with His
Divine Will for us. As we live
each day, confident that we are
genuinely trying to achieve
that goal, we are at peace with
In closing, how many times
have we heard people say “why
didn’t you tell me what you
knew”? Well, this is us sharing
with you what we know and
think. As adult individuals with
free will, your response must be
your decision. Whatever it may
be, we still love you all.
Mum and Dad.

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