Monday, May 12, 2008


An Interview with Conchita by Dr. Dominquez, M.D.
[Part Three]

Q. Before you describe the last appearance to me, tell me about his face. Did he have eyes, nose, ears, lips?
A. Yes (she answered, smiling). He had beautiful eyes, brownish like the color of his hair, and a perfect nose and mouth, but I never saw his ears. I guess they were covered by his hair. I never saw them . . . no, I can't remember.

Q. Tell me now about the last apparition on June 18, 1965. What were his exact words?
A. As I already told you, this was the only time his face was not resplendent. He was smiling, but some-how with a sadness in his face and he said, "This is the Message that the Virgin told me to give you so that you can tell the world: 'As my Message of October eighteenth has not been complied with.' " and the rest of the Message you know.

Q. Was this the last time you saw St. Michael? Would you like to see him again? Did you ever pray the rosary again as at Garabandal during the first apparitions when you prayed expecting him to come?
A. Oh yes, I would like very much to see him again. But I never say the rosary with that intention anymore. But I always say the "Soul of Christ" prayer after Communion, and at that time I always remember Saint Michael.

Q. One last question. Who was the other angel? The one who came at the other side of the Virgin on her first appearance?
A. I don't know. I call him St. Gabriel, but he never told us his name, nor did the Virgin. I don't know his name, but I believe, Doctor, that you have a story to tell about this second angel.

Dr. Dominguez answers: Indeed I do. One day, Conchita was expecting her brother, Miguel, to come to see her at 8 pm. At five minutes to eight she told me that she did not want her brother to come that day at that time. I told her there was nothing to do, because her brother was a very dependable man and if he said he would come at eight, he would be here in a few minutes. "But" I suggested, "let us pray a Hail Mary to the 'other' angel . . . Maybe he can do something about it." As soon as we finished the Hail Mary, the phone rang and there was Miguel saying it was impossible for him to come that day. I believe we both agreed that it was the speediest response to a prayer in our lives. On another occasion, we were making a movie at my home. The day was cloudy and if it rained it would ruin the movie, because we were going to make it outside. So I prayed another Hail Mary to the "Speedy" angel. People came from Brooklyn soaking wet. It rained hard in Manhattan, in Westchester, in the south Bronx, but on our home in the east Bronx not a drop fell.

So this is the end of the story. St. Michael is the Archangel, the great Prince, the victor against Satan, our allay in our battle against the devil. He is the guardian of the people of God. Let us pray to him.

The other angel, "Speedy" is also a very important character. He must be, because he accompanied the Virgin. We can also pray to him. He turned out to be very fast in answering our little prayers.