Sunday, May 11, 2008


An Interview with Conchita by Dr. Dominquez, M.D.
[Part Two]

Q. Tell me about the Communions you received from the Archangel.
A. He came every day when there was no priest in the village, and gave us Holy Communion. At the beginning he would teach us how to say the Act of Contrition before receiving the Host and after Communion he would teach us to say the prayer of St. Ignatius: "Soul of Christ, sanctify me . . . etc." Afterwards whenever I saw the Angel with the Host, I would immediately start to say the Act of Contrition, and the Angel would wait until I finished before giving me Communion. And after the Communion I would say the "Soul of Christ" prayer, and the Angel always waited until I had finished that prayer before he disappeared.

Q. What about his voice? Was it like a man's or a woman's?
A. I don't know. It was not like a man's, nor a woman's, nor a child's. The Virgin's voice was like a woman's voice, but the angel . . . I cannot say. Nobody ever asked me this before, and I don't know what to tell you . . . It was a very beautiful voice, gracious . . . but I couldn't say if it was a man's or a woman's . . . I don't know.

Q. When St. Michael brought the Communion did he have a cup with Hosts for the four of you?
A. No. He never had a cup. He always gave me Communion when I was alone, and he appeared with the Host in his hand, just in front of his chest. I was told to ask him where he got the Hosts from and when I did, he said he got the Hosts from the tabernacles on earth, because angels cannot consecrate.

Q. How many times did you receive Communion from the Angel's hands, and for how long did he stay with you each time?
A. I don't remember how many times, whenever there was no priest in the village; I guess about thirty or forty times. As for the length of time he stayed with me, I don't know. Whenever we had an apparition we could never say how long it had lasted. The people who saw us would say, "You stayed so many minutes or hours." I believe with the Angel I was told they were minutes. He never had much to say, but I really don't know.

Q. Were you able to see his hands during the Communions?
A. Yes. They were the hands of a man, with well polished nails, and always with a radiant face. The only time his face was not resplendent was during the last apparition, when he gave me the last Message on June 18, 1965.

[To be continued]