Friday, August 31, 2007



The Archangel St. Michael finally gave the exact date of the future "D" day to Conchita alone. She would eventually say to Maria Herrero de Gallardo of Santander, that "by Year 2000, everything will then be near . . . "

In Garabandal, whether it be about the Message or about the so-called numerous prophetic announcements, we note that their revelation and clarification always occurred in a progressive way and in a significantly established order, "D" day being no exception to this "procedure." Thus Conchita learned first about the "very great Church event" that must take place, even before being notified of the Miracle as such: a legitimate respect, also, for the Church Hierarchy action, the dimension of Faith taking over that of "signs," as it should, and as was always the case in Garabandal proper.
[From 'Garabandal' Book, page 163]

God and Our Lady respects order and the Church! So when the Church gives an order, like when the local bishop forbade the visionaries from entering the tiny Garabandal church in ecstasy, Our Blessed Lady stopped them at the door and did not allow them to enter when She was with them. Mother Mary said, "Obedience to the Church gives great glory to God!"

If we mortals only believed and acted so. Imagine how holy the Church would be. Imagine how beautiful the Liturgies would be. Imagine how holy and devout all the priests and people would be! Obedience and humility are the keystones to all the virtues and the pathway to heaven! If only we could all walk that path!
Roman Deacon